13 Thought-Provoking Lewis Sperry Chafer Quotes


Lewis Sperry Chafer was born 144 years ago today. He was an American theologian and the founder and first president of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). His legacy lives on today through the prestigious seminary and his widely appreciated scholarly works. His textbook, Systematic Theology, was the first dispensational, premillennial systematic theology ever published, and it’s […]

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30 Pictures from Washington’s Big Four Ice Caves


Outdoor enthusiasts flock to the Pacific Northwest for its scenic hikes and natural beauty. For Faithlife’s designers, the mountains and trails surrounding Bellingham, Washington offer a treasure trove of photo ops. Stunning photos like these can only come from real people surrounded by real beauty. That’s why our designers have taken trips throughout the Pacific Northwest to […]

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Start a Reading Group with 20 Free Books by R.C. Sproul!


R.C. Sproul’s Crucial Questions Series is free—forever. Get the collection, share this post with a friend, and start answering crucial questions together. Faithlife Groups make it easy to start a reading group together, whether you read your books in Logos, Vyrso, or the Faithlife Study Bible app. Your friends, family, small group, or church can […]

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9 Inspirational C.S. Lewis Quotes


C.S. Lewis is one of the most widely-adored theologians of the last century. His journey from atheism to Christianity provided him with unique insights that  inspired Christians and non-Christians alike to see God, faith, and life with fresh eyes. Lewis is far and away the most searched author on Logos.com, and for the first time ever, […]

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Get a Free Book on the Apostle Paul


“How we construe Paul’s claim that one is ‘justified by faith, not by works of the law’ depends, at least in part, on the question we think it addresses.” —Professor Stephen Westerholm What did Paul mean when he spoke about justification by faith, not the works of the law? That’s the question Stephen Westerholm explores […]

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Meet the Winner of Faithlife’s Computer Science Scholarship


Every year, Faithlife awards a $1,000.00 scholarship and Bronze base package to a computer science student through CompSciScholarship.com. This year, that student is Evan Ott. Evan Ott is a senior at University of Texas at Austin. He’s double majoring in honors computer science and honors physics. Evan has served as president of both the computer science club and […]

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