Genesis Chapter 1: Functional Creation vs. Material Creation

Genesis 1:5What if taking the Bible “literally” doesn’t mean what you think it means?

In The Lost World of Genesis One, Dr. John Walton of Wheaton college affirms that Genesis 1 is talking about a literal seven days of creation—but he also argues that “creation” might not mean what you think it means.

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Free Online Bible Study Course

free Bible study course

Serious Bible study is hard work. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether you read the Bible every day or you’re opening it for the first time, the right tools can help you see the Bible in powerful new ways—without taking hours of your time.

That’s why we created a free, 30 day course to help you start doing better Bible study.

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Leading Well for the Long Haul

Biblical leadership
Today’s guest post is by author and pastor, Dr. Larry Osborne. Osborne has served as senior pastor and teaching pastor at North Coast Church for more than 35 years. He helped oversee the growth of the church from a group of 128 meeting in a rented school, to a multi-site ministry that reaches over 10,000 in weekend attendance. You can find Larry Osborne’s leadership books in Logos and Vyrso.

Everybody wants to leave a legacy. But the reality is we can’t control the impact or the length of our legacy. We’re prophets to our own generation (Acts 13:36) who serve God, play our role and are gone.

That said, how we live and lead does have an impact on our endurance. Our perspective, the way we love our people, our dependability and our sense of security all directly affect our ability to lead and serve effectively for the long haul.

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Why Your Church Should Be More Worried about Sending Than Seating

J.D. Grear quote

The January/February issue of Bible Study Magazine features J.D. Greear—pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. In college, Greear’s study of Romans 2 led him to a life-altering realization: “Paul talks about those who are not under the law still being held responsible for the law because God has given the law to them on their hearts. Suddenly my heart understood that there were a couple billion people out there who had never heard the name of Jesus but were still responsible under the law.”

This realization propelled him toward seminary, and years later, he’s a pastor of a big church with an even bigger emphasis on sending missionaries.

In Jessi Strong’s interview with Greear, he explained why sending capacity matters more than seating capacity:

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Study a Jewish Perspective on Exodus with a Free Commentary

Exodus 14:4

There’s still time to get January’s free book. Download your copy of The JPS Torah Commentary: Exodus before February 1 to get it for free.

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Free Greek and Hebrew Fonts for Your Computer

Greek and Hebrew
There’s something special about seeing hand-drawn ancient characters. It’s like the smell of old books, or the feel of papyrus.

You can’t simulate the smell of books (yet!), and you probably shouldn’t open glass cases to feel the papyrus, but here at Faithlife, our in-house Greek and Hebrew experts have created these authentic hand-drawn Greek and Hebrew fonts, which you can download for free. They’re the same fonts we use in Logos Bible Software’s Greek Alphabet Tutor and Hebrew Alphabet Tutor.

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Picturing Scripture: Now Available on!

Bible art coffee table book
Picturing Scripture was loved greatly by all those who backed it on Kickstarter late last year. If you missed it, your second chance is here! Picturing Scripture is available now on

We paired the 100 best-loved pieces of Verse Art with inspiring devotionals, and compiled them into a hardback volume that looks great in any living room.

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What People Are Saying about The Mingling of Souls

Genesis 2:4

On Friday, we unlocked free access to Matt Chandler’s marriage book, The Mingling of Souls, for over 6,000 people in this Faithlife Group. (You can still get free access until February 15 if you follow the group.)

Here’s what people in the Faithlife Group are saying about the book so far:

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How to Enjoy a Meaningful Weekend with Your Spouse—without Leaving Home

living room

How long has it been since you had an entire weekend to enjoy with your spouse?

Your marriage and your home should be sources of spiritual comfort and rejuvenation in your life—but sometimes busyness and stress can strip that away.

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