A Bible Scholar Explains Faith Without Works in James 2

James 2:14 faith without works

Some fans of Dr. Runge have claimed that his discourse works alone have made Logos worth it. From now until November 15, you can save 20% on Logos discourse works—including Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament bundle, the High Definition New Testament, and High Definition Old Testament. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Runge’s work, his biblical […]

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The Best Conceptual Explanation of the Trinity I’ve Seen

God is the author of creation

The Trinity is easily one of the hardest concepts to navigate in Christianity. For some, it can even be a barrier to accepting Christianity. If you’ve ever found yourself in that awkward conversational dance when you have to explain how God could be three entities at once, let me share with you the best conceptual explanation of the Trinity I’ve […]

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The Problem with Sermon Recording—and Proclaim’s New Solution

sermon audio

Most churches record sermons and make them available online. However, the current process of recording and publishing sermons requires extra software, sometimes extra computers or equipment, and certainly extra hours. Stop creating more work for your staff The process of recording and publishing sermons is clunky and time-consuming. Someone has to start and stop the […]

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Bring Bible Art to Your Coffee Table This Christmas

Bible verse art coffee table book

Picturing Scripture, a coffee table book from the designers at Faithlife, is gathering support as a Kickstarter project. Back it now to reserve your copy. Everyday for the last three years, we’ve released a new Verse of the Day. This art has taken many forms, like t-shirts, magnets, postcards, and even a suite of apps. For […]

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3 Steps to Your Next Milestone

Keep doing the next thing

Bob Pritchett’s Start Next Now launched just over a week ago, and people are raving about this short, punchy, life-changing read. Have you picked up your copy? If not, get it at StartNextNow.com today! Here’s what Johnnie Moore, the President of The KAIROS Company, had to say about Start Next Now: “Stop WHATEVER you’re doing […]

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