Free Book from Kay Arthur, June Hunt, and Others!

What I Wish I'd Known

What I Wish I’d Known is a brand-new book by authors like Kay Arthur, Liz Curtis Higgs, and June Hunt. Right now, you can get it for free! After Faithlife’s Women in Ministry Summit last year, 26 inspiring women from the summit collaborated to write What I Wish I’d Known. In this new book, Kay […]

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Seeing the Holy Trinity in a Fallen World


Throughout history, a little known theological concept has captured the imagination of some of the church’s greatest thinkers—including Saint Augustine and Basil the Great. It’s called vestigia Trinitatis. In case your Latin is as rusty as mine, that’s “traces of the Trinity,” and understanding it has the power to reveal a universe charged with the […]

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Beth Moore Shares with Bible Study Magazine


Get encouraged by Beth Moore and other inspiring leaders when you subscribe to Bible Study Magazine for only $19.99! Bible Study Magazine is a non-denominational publication dedicated to providing readers with tools and methods for Bible study, as well as insights from respected Bible teachers, professors, historians and archaeologists. For years, Bible Study Magazine has been helping thousands […]

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Get a Free Book on 1 Corinthians!

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All through March, you can get 1 Corinthians by Roy A. Harrisville for free! Paul’s letters to the Corinthians are incredibly relevant to today’s church member. The disunity and conflict common to the Corinthians church, still plagues congregations today. Contemporary Christians face a culture bent on imposing its views of sexuality, marriage, and morality. All […]

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Bonhoeffer’s Religionless Christianity: Engaging a Post-Christian World


Today’s guest post is by Prayson Daniel. Prayson, who blogs at With All I Am, has been using Faithlife Groups since 2012, and created the Natural Theology group. Prayson is from Tanzania, and he earned his BA at Harvest Bible College. He is currently pursuing his graduate studies at Aalborg University in Denmark. Prayson’s greatest […]

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Logos App Coming to Windows Phone: Help Make It Happen


Help us bring the Logos mobile experience to your Windows Phone—we need your help! iOS and Android users have relied on our mobile apps to study the Word for years. Features like Passage Guide, Bible Word Study, and Text Comparison turn your phone or tablet into a powerful Bible study tool. After using our iOS app, one […]

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