How to Create Your Own Digital Church Bulletins

Church bulletins now lets you create digital bulletins your church can access online—before, during, or after your service.

Every week, churches print off thousands of bulletins—most of which never actually leave the building. It costs money, wastes paper, and fails to remind most of your congregation about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and the key takeaways from your service.

Digital bulletins leverage smartphones to keep your church more connected.

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15 Ways to Read the Bible with Fresh Eyes

Fresh start
Reading the Bible regularly can be hard. Sometimes it can feel like it takes too much work to understand what Scripture is really saying. And the last thing you want is for your Bible reading to become stale, or to feel forced.

If Bible study matters to you but you’re struggling to keep going, try some of these techniques.

Here are 15 ways to read the Bible with fresh eyes:

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The Church Media Bundle for People Who Don’t Like to Choose

best church media brands

If you’ve been shopping around for church media, you probably noticed there are more than a few choices out there. You could wade through dozens of church media brands before you find what your church needs (or what you can afford).

Maybe you’ve been getting your church media a-la-carte, so you get exactly what you want and don’t pay for more than that. But buying sermon illustration videos, motion backgrounds for worship, church countdown videos, and still images for 10–15 bucks a pop adds up fast—and your church has a budget.

Proclaim Church Presentation Software is here to help.

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5 Things Every Church Presentation Needs to Do

welcome slideWhen someone new sets foot in your church, what happens?

A greeter hands them a bulletin as they walk through the door, an usher helps them find their seats.

Now what?

Maybe your regulars introduce themselves and strike up a conversation. Maybe they don’t.

This is where your screen comes in. It’s an anchor for regulars and a lifeline for newcomers. With the right slides, newcomers can wander into your church and feel like they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be.

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Watch Highlights from Awana’s Vantage Conference

Ed Stetzer Vantage ConferenceAt the end of April, leaders from across the country gathered at Awana headquarters to get equipped for youth and children’s ministry with Sean McDowell, Ed Stetzer, Dan Lovaglia, and others.

Vantage Conference is all about relational children’s ministry, and each speaker shares a different aspect of how leaders and ministries can facilitate discipleship.

If you missed the live event, you can still get a ticket to watch it on demand.

Experience the conference with your team or on your own, from home, the office, or wherever. Watch it all at once, or break it up across several meetings. Since it’s on demand, it’s on your schedule.

Catch some highlights from Vantage Conference in the video below:

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7 Things the Bible Says about Orphans

Psalm 68:5

The Bible has a lot to say about orphans. The Hebrew word for orphan is yatom—usually translated fatherless. It describes a child who lacks the protection and provision of a family.

The best modern equivalent for this type of person is a foster child—a child whose parents are either unable or unwilling to care for them.

Let’s see what the Bible has to say about them.

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27 Christian Quotes about Happiness

christian happiness quotes aw tozer

At the heart of Randy Alcorn’s latest book, Happiness, is the simple belief that Christians, having a direct relationship with the source of all happiness, should be happy.

This isn’t a call for delusional ignorance of the terrible things that happen all around us, or the sinful embrace of all things that may produce some fleeting glimpse of happiness. Alcorn spent three years compiling hundreds of pages of research to demonstrate that God does desire for us to be happy, and that Christians have historically embraced that Christianity leads to happiness.

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3 Perspectives on Hell

heaven and hellWe’ve seen a lot of discussion and debate in recent years on the nature of heaven, hell, and what happens after we die. But these discussions are nothing new. The church has been debating eschatology (the study of last things) ever since the time of Christ, and the Jews before Christ were discussing the same.

Scripture provides many insights about the afterlife. But when theologians combine these insights into a coherent whole, they come to some very different conclusions about what the Bible teaches. The nature and duration of hell is one such example.

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How to Search Verse of the Day Bible Art—and Get it All for Free!

John 3:16 art

For several years, Faithlife has been producing original Bible art on a new verse every day.

If you’ve ever encountered our Verse of the Day art out in the wild, you’ve probably wondered, “Do they have art for this verse, too? How can I see them all?”

Now there’s a one-stop-shop to search Verse of the Day Bible art. Over 1,000 of our finest Verse of the Day pieces have been organized into 103 categories for you to browse.

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