Introducing Faithlife Keyboard

Jesus frees us

Introducing the Faithlife Keyboard—now available for your iOS device! Built during the most recent Faithlife company hackathon, the Faithlife Keyboard comes pre-loaded with an expansive library of Bible art that you can search by topic or passage. The inspirational Bible art that you’ve come to love on your Logos home screen is now easier than […]

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My Father’s Name

Michael Whitworth

Today’s guest post is by Michael Whitworth, founder and owner of Start2Finish. Michael preaches in Bowie, Texas, and is the author of several books, including The Epic of God and The Derision of Heaven. He writes regularly for the Start2Finish blog. All my life, I’ve been called “Daniel” by a lot of people. And before […]

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Bible Study Magazine Interviews Mark Dever

Mark Dever: The Healthy Church

Subscribe to Bible Study Magazine for 33% off the cover price! In an exclusive Bible Study Magazine interview, Mark Dever, pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church shares about ministry in Washington, D.C., his personal journey to faith, and characteristics of a healthy church. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: So much turnover can be a challenge for creating continuity in ministry, but Dever […]

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What Makes Digital Books Better?


If you want to get the most out of your books and your time, there is no substitute for reading books in Logos or Vyrso. Recently, I read Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt in print. It’s a quick read, but in 231 pages, Platt makes 177 references to Scripture […]

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Why Faithlife Hosts Hackathons


Every now and then, Faithlife hosts a company-wide hackathon. This 24 hour competition pits teams of developers, designers, marketers, and others against each other to create innovative new software products. Open to all Faithlife employees, hackathons encourage anyone with an idea to form a team, and make that idea a reality—in one day. Faithlife Executive […]

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Get a Free Commentary on Isaiah

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All through April, you can get Isaiah by Brevard Childs for free! The book of Isaiah is central to understanding the Old Testament prophets and helps us appreciate other Major Prophets like Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. It informs our view of sin in the Old Testament, and plays a major role in the New Testament […]

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