Take Your Church Beyond Handshakes and Hellos

Hello My Name Is Sticker

For some, not knowing the people in their church can be a significant barrier to church involvement. When it’s hard to find a familiar face in your church, it’s tough to see that Christian community as family. Unfortunately, this can become a self-perpetuating cycle—you don’t know people, so you don’t get involved, so you don’t […]

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Introducing BellinghamWins.com


Faithlife moved to Bellingham in 2002 with 45 employees. Now, more than 420 employees occupy Faithlife’s five buildings on the downtown campus. As the space Faithlife occupies has grown, so have the ways it invests in the community. That’s why Faithlife is proud to introduce BellinghamWins.com—a site that celebrates the city that we call home. “We’re […]

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Are You a Logos Bible Software Expert? Come Work for Faithlife!

career at Faithlife

Faithlife is hiring a Logos product marketing specialist. Have you seen our in-depth tutorial videos for Logos? The Logos Pro team at Faithlife is seeking a fellow product expert to help create engaging content that educates users on Logos products and resources. Are you a Logos pro? If you love creating videos, writing blog posts, […]

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What the Bible Actually Says about Ghosts

Michael Heiser

Recently on an episode of Faithlife Today, Dr. Michael Heiser shared some unique insights into what the Bible says about ghosts. “A lot of people think that the Bible really has nothing to say at all about ghosts, but that’s actually mistaken.” Watch the video (Heiser starts at 2:53): Elohim—God, gods, and more Heiser digs […]

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Do You Use Discussion Questions in Christian Books?


If you read Christian books, it’s not uncommon to find yourself looking at a list of questions at the end of each chapter. These questions encourage you to interact with the material on a personal level, and help you process what you’re learning. Sometimes they’re designed for groups. Sometimes they’re just for you. What I […]

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Pre-Pub: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re new to Faithlife’s family of Bible study tools or you’ve been using Logos Bible Software since the days of floppy disks, you might be missing out on one of the best ways to get new books for the best prices. Pre-Pub, short for pre-publication, lets you score the best deals you’ll ever see (outside of a base package) on […]

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