Need a Break from Work? Play Spikeball!


To keep working to your full potential, sometimes you have to take breaks. When your job involves a lot of sitting inside, getting outside is a great way to stay healthy, stimulate your brain, and connect with your coworkers in a different environment. For these Faithlife designers, that means one thing: spikeball. What is “spikeball”? Spikeball […]

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5 Ways to Use Community Notes

bible margin notes

Margin notes are great, but Community Notes are better! Create a Faithlife Group, and start using Community Notes today. There are a lot of ways Faithlife Groups can improve your Bible study or small group. One of them is the revolutionary Bible study tool, Community Notes. When you reread your passages of Scripture or your […]

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Why Faithlife Employees Can Take Unlimited Vacation

sherri and kyle

Faithlife has a pretty unusual vacation policy: there isn’t one. A couple of Faithlife’s company values are honesty and openness. Things like “unlimited time off” emerge out of the mutual trust these values help foster. When you’ve had other jobs, it’s a strange transition from carefully documented days off to absolute freedom. At first, I […]

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Faithlife Discussions: Ask Big Questions in Your Small Group

small group convo

Small groups are some of the best places to dig into life’s deepest questions. In a good small group with close friends and fellow believers, you can share what you really think without being attacked or belittled for your opinions. It’s one of the safest settings to honestly discuss theology. But how and when do […]

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The Knowledge of God, Revealed through Nature

Prayson 2013

Today’s guest post is by Prayson Daniel. Prayson, who blogs at With All I Am, has been using Faithlife Groups since 2012, and created the Natural Theology group. Prayson is from Tanzania, and he earned his BA at Harvest Bible College. He is currently pursuing his graduate studies at Aalborg University in Denmark. Prayson’s greatest […]

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8 Bible Verses on Our Awesome God


We use a lot of big words when we talk about God. Omnipotent. Omnipresent. Omniscient. He is all-powerful, all-present, and all-knowing. If a word means all encompassing, it’s probably been used to talk about God. Where do these words come from? These words express the upper limit of our ability to understand power, wisdom, and time. […]

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