Got a Makeover

bsm got a makeover—and a new blog! Check it out. When you can turn to the Bible for anything, where do you begin? Bible Study Magazine offers unique insights, study methods, and step-by-step Bible studies to help you dig deep into the Word and apply it to your life. Each issue of Bible Study Magazine […]

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Introducing the Every Day Bible App


Read the Bible—just a little everyday—and you’ll know it better. You’ll get to know God better. And you’ll learn more about what it means to follow him. Everybody knows that. The problem isn’t knowing it. The problem is in the flood of questions and roadblocks that follow when you or I make a commitment to […]

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How to Create a Community Note


The Community Notes feature is a powerful Bible study tool that’s built into the Faithlife Study Bible, Logos Bible Software, and Faithlife Groups. They’re kind of like margin notes, only better. When you write a Community Note, you decide who gets to see it. You can post it directly to one of your Faithlife Groups, […]

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New: the World’s Smartest Humanities Software Is Here!

Noet Research Libraries small

The wait is finally over: less than a year after launching our cutting-edge mobile app, we’ve just released Noet’s enhanced desktop application, making it the world’s smartest software for humanities study. New Noet Research Libraries bring together the world’s most intelligent study tools with history’s greatest works. Plus, for a limited time, you can take 15% […]

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The Driven Leader, Part 2


Today’s guest post is by Pastor Kip McCormick. Kip is the campus pastor for Cornwall Church Skagit Valley in Mt Vernon, Washington—a satellite campus of Cornwall Church in Bellingham, Washington. Kip earned his Master of Divinity degree while running a youth ministry in Seoul, South Korea. Upon retiring from 28 years of service as an […]

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Faithlife Groups 101: Learn from a Veteran

Faithlife logo

Join Faithlife Groups 101 to learn how to use Faithlife Groups in your church or small group. If you’re new to Faithlife Groups, you may find yourself wondering how to get started. After you create your profile, you might still have questions. How do I find a reading plan? How do prayer lists work? What do I […]

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