Logos App Coming to Windows Phone: Help Make It Happen

Help us bring the Logos mobile experience to your Windows Phone—we need your help!

iOS and Android users have relied on our mobile apps to study the Word for years. Features like Passage Guide, Bible Word Study, and Text Comparison turn your phone or tablet into a powerful Bible study tool.

After using our iOS app, one reviewer said: “This app makes the $500 cost of an iPad worth it.”

We want to deliver that same mobile experience to users of Windows phones and tablets. But developing on a new platform requires a lot of time and effort—that’s time and effort our developers could be spending on other projects.

We want to make sure it’s worth the investment, so we’re using our Community Pricing program to get a sense of how many Windows Phone-owning Logos users there are. If you’re not familiar with Community Pricing, here’s a crash course:

Most of the time, we use Community Pricing to measure demand for specific books or collections in the Logos format, but in this case we’re using it to measure demand for a Windows app. Eventually, once the project has collected enough support, we’ll make it available for everyone—for free—and we’ll send a special thank-you gift to the early adopters who helped fund this project by bidding on it through Community Pricing.

Want to see a Logos app on your Windows Phone and get a special gift from Logos? Bid today!


  1. K Y Lim says

    I use Logos for my daily devotional as well as bible study on my MacBook Air. However, I’m using a window phone. It’ll be wonderful to have Logos Apps on Window Phones as well. It makes it more convenient to read or study God’s words when I don’t have my MBA with me.

  2. DR Udolf says

    I paid $1,200 to get the full Logos software, I think that’s enough of a contribution in itself. I hope this happens, as I’m an all-windows device user. But I’m disappointed that you are making us pay for what would be a free app elsewhere, and that you’ve slacked off for this long. I don’t feel valued at all by this company, just that I’m another bag of cash for them to bank on

  3. says

    Actually, you should use the skepticsannotated Bible, that way we really get to figure out the Truth. Or at least highlight morally despicable passages so that they really stick out!

  4. says

    I'm a bit confused by the following:
    "Most of the time, we use Community Pricing to measure demand for specific books or collections in the Logos format, but in this case we’re using it to measure demand for a Windows app. Eventually, once the project has collected enough support, we’ll make it available for everyone—for free—"
    If it will eventually be free – does it make any difference whether a thousand people immediately bid $5 or $50?
    If it makes no difference – how does this statement (on the bid page) apply "Help pay for the initial development of this app"? especially because under community pricing you don't pay anything until after the product ships.
    Can you help explain what, if anything, it will cost those who bid now – and when it will cost them?

  5. says

    My guess from the way it is described, Logos has assigned a value, that if they collect from people making bids, will produce the product. Those that place "winning" bids, will pay what the winning bid price to get a copy, afterwards, everyone will be able to get it for free. One way to think about it is that those bidders aren't really "buying" the app (since it is free) but buying the thank you gift and making a (non-deductable) donation to make the app possible.

  6. Diego Lara says

    Finally! I been waiting for this day for so long. A long time windows phone user and I don’t plan on switching anytime soon
    I love the logos desktop application and this would make it perfect. I wont have to rely on my nook tablet anymore.

    This shows that Microsoft’s universal app system is paying off. Logos can make one app and easily porter on all other windows devices. Even if Windows Phone alone is a small percentage now they can look at it from universal standpoint that even if someone doesnt have a windows phone they may have a windows 10 tablet or convertible device.

  7. Richard says

    I am curious if this was the process used for developing the Android and Apple phone apps or if this has something to do with a bias of the Windows phone platform and Microsoft in general?

  8. malcolm goodwin says

    When oh when us this windows app coming? It is ridiculously overdue. Shameful faces at Faithlife should be explaining rather that ignoring folk through a smile😩 I’m dedicated customer being treated like a second class citizen for not having an iphone ( which I’m not allowed in my job because of security!

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi Malcolm. Unfortunately, the app hasn’t reached 20% of the production cost yet. You can see the status here: http://lgs.to/1js0Y5N

      For the app to be produced sooner, more people have to support it. We value you as a customer, but producing the app for Windows is going to be very expensive, and unfortunately, only a small percentage of our customers use Windows phones or tablets. We have every intention of creating the app for Windows if enough customers show interest in it.

      As always, we are open to feedback and want you to have the opportunity to make your voice heard. Feel free to post to the forums to rally support for the app, or to suggest an alternative.

  9. Dylan says

    Guys, we need this app, looking at the size of the MS Market, it would not be a waste to create a universal windows app that can run on Windows 10 and Windows Phone, there is more than enough market share and size to motivate this, we all love this software and apps, hoping it comes to the Windows Phone platform soon…

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