Introducing the Every Day Bible App

everydaybibleRead the Bible—just a little everyday—and you’ll know it better. You’ll get to know God better. And you’ll learn more about what it means to follow him.

Everybody knows that.

The problem isn’t knowing it.

The problem is in the flood of questions and roadblocks that follow when you or I make a commitment to daily Scripture reading.

Where do I start?

How much do I read?

When do I read?

What translation do I read?

What if I read something that I don’t understand?

So we’ve built a very simple tool to answer all of them for you. It’s called Every Day Bible, and it makes daily Bible reading easier than ever before.

Available on the web at and on your mobile device through the App Store or Google Play, Every Day Bible addresses all the things that make a commitment to daily Bible reading so hard to maintain. Each day you’ll find passages from both the Old and New Testaments, a short devotional, and a piece of Bible Screen art that corresponds with the selected passage.

everyday Bible

We worked hard to keep the app simple, so you can jump right into the text. But we also included some helpful features. In the Every Day Bible mobile app, you can turn on or off the various sections, so you can focus on just one type of Scripture—like poetry—if you’d prefer. And you can have the app remind you to read at the time of your choosing.

We tuned the Every Day Bible App reading plan to cover a reasonably-sized passage from each major section of scripture on each day—so you never feel like you’re slogging through. Each day you get a little taste of both Old and New Testaments, giving you a uniquely broad perspective on the Scriptures.

The day’s Bible reading is complemented by a short passage from our in-house Bible scholars that explain the content of the text and draw out some of the key ideas.

We top off each entry with a beautiful piece of Bible Screen art from one of the verses covered that day that you can share with just a tap.

Download the Every Day Bible app for your iOS or Android device to enjoy our done-for-you Bible reading plan.


  1. says

    Yes, Susan. You can access it at on your laptop. Oops! I replied before I checked about the Windows 8 question, but you can find out just by going to the website. Blessings to you! Don Mc

  2. Nancy says

    Looks great, but when I searched for the app on my phone, 250 ‘everyday bible’ options appeared and none of them seemed to be this one. please advise. thank you

    • Ryan Nelson says

      Hi Nancy,

      This app is brand new, so it isn’t at the top of the list yet. Try opening this blog post in your phone, then follow the link at the bottom. I hope this helps.


  3. says

    Are you sure you downloaded the correct app? It has the logo at the top of this post, and if you open it, it says “Join Group” at the top when you open the app. You have to sign into your Faithlife account in order to participate in a reading group though, because they are powered by Faithlife Groups.

    Here’s the link for iOS:

    Here’s the link for Android:

    • Ellie says

      My app is showing that I have 5 days unread (i.e., every day since I downloaded the App). How do you indicate that you have finished reading the Scriptures for the assigned day?

  4. Mark Cannon says

    Awesomeness! So glad that this app offers more than just daily snippets of verse. I’m looking forward to sharing this as daily nourishment for our weekly discussion group.

  5. Andy Anderson says

    I really like this application, as I am able to choose from the Bibles that I have in my Faithlife account. I have one suggestion, and that would be to provide more options for devotionals. I am currently working through a favorite, and would like this available on this app too.

    This is great!

    Thank you

  6. says

    At least for me, this was too hard to find on Google Play. Searching for "Every day bible" did not return it. After trying a bunch of methods, I added to the search and finally found it ("every day bible faithlife" also works . I suspect others will become frustrated, at least until it becomes more popular. "Every day bible" just matches too many other apps out there.

  7. Keith Holmes says

    I get reminded with a verse at 8am but when I swipe the notification to go into the app the reading is different and there’s no way to see the verse again. Help!

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