Finally, a New Kids' Bible Show Parents Can Trust

Get ready for a fun-filled family movie night with a new kids’ Bible show!

Bible Agent 7 is a fun cartoon on a serious mission: to spark kids’ curiosity about the Bible. Episode 3, “The Big Search,” is Bible Agent 7’s toughest case yet. A lost briefcase takes the team on a search that uncovers much more than they bargained for. 

Help Bible Agent 7 solve the case and share your own set of adventures with the all-new Bible Agent 7 activity sheets!  Stay tuned because more fun is on the way––activity sheets for every episode are coming soon. 

Pro-tip: Use the activity sheets for childcare and kids’ ministry fun! 

You can download coloring pages, puzzles, and even top-secret questions only a real-life agent of the Bible can answer. The sheets are free and ready for you to download here

You supply the pizza—we’re covering everything else for your family movie night. Enjoy an evening making special memories with your kids and help them learn more about God’s Word with an exciting kids’ Bible show!

Bible Agent 7 blog post

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Written by Faithlife Staff