3 Ways Faithlife.com Is Faster and More Accessible Than Ever

There’s something you should know about Faithlife: we’re always improving. That’s why we have such a short feedback loop: we can hear what you have to say, and we respond directly to that feedback. Whether that happens on our forums, within Faithlife Groups, or through our award-winning customer service team.
Recently, we’ve made some significant changes to Faithlife Groups and your experience on Faithlife.com:

1. We made the site faster

Since its launch in 2012, Faithlife.com has been a massive undertaking—it’s connected to most of Faithlife’s ever-growing list of products. We’ve often called it “the glue” that links everything together. We hope that our products help you grow and learn with your church, and we’ve made Faithlife.com faster to help you do that. When inspiration hits, don’t wait to share it with the people you love.

2. We made it easier to see what’s new

Thanks to the new preview window, you can check your notifications and messages with a quick glance—so you don’t have to leave the page to see what’s new. Click on the message or notification icon to activate the preview, or click “see all” to access your entire inbox.
Faithlife notifications

3. We made a new way to find your community

Faithlife Groups now has a geolocation button in the search bar. If you’re trying to find groups or people, the geolocation button lets you find the groups and people using Faithlife Groups near you.
Create your free Faithlife Groups account and find a group near you! Or, claim a group for your church and invite your friends!

Written by
Ryan Nelson
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Written by Ryan Nelson