You Can Create Beautiful Graphics without a Degree in Design

God has done great and wonderful things, and our worship services hold opportunities to proclaim them—not only in singing, preaching, and prayer, but in our presentation slides, stage design, and more.

That’s why we created The Proclaim Guide to Beautiful Church Presentations.

From how to choose colors to suggestions on taking good photos, inside you’ll find tips and tricks on the basics of good design. It’s written by a professional graphic designer for people with zero experience in graphics.

The book also covers best practices for church presentations, then surveys tools that can make planning and presenting easier on you and your staff—including Faithlife Proclaim, which makes it easy to follow the design advice in the book.

Beautiful theology deserves beautiful design. Keep this book close to you as you build your presentations each week, and use it to make the screen one more way to worship God in the splendor of his holiness.

Get your print or PDF copy of The Proclaim Guide to Beautiful Church Presentations today!

Written by
Jess Holland
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Written by Jess Holland