Look Like a Pro Designer with This New Church Subscription

There’s something polished and inviting about the right imagery for church signage, sermons, and events. They’re worth creating. But sometimes they can take so much time and effort, it distracts from what you should really be focusing on.

(Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent far too long searching for a stock photo or designing a slide.)

How would you like to:

  • Quickly find what you need from gorgeous stock photography designed specifically for church use
  • Make announcements and sermon slides that look like they took hours—when they really took five minutes or less
  • Incorporate countdown timers and motion backgrounds just as easily as image slides

You can do that with a Faithlife Media subscription, now available for individuals and churches. It works seamlessly with other Faithlife products, or you can use it on its own.  And because Faithlife Media includes the Smart Media Editor, you won’t even need to open Photoshop to add your text or tweak the style.

Successful church graphics searches

Whether you search for “coffee” . . .

church graphics blog

Or “New Year” . . .

church graphics blog

Or “prayer” . . .

church graphics blog

You won’t be disappointed.

After you find your church graphics media, customize it however you’d like.

I created a great church graphic in 3 minutes, 19 seconds—should’ve been faster, really, but I had too much fun trying fonts.

What you can do with Faithlife Media

  • Get instant access to an ever-growing media collection with your month-to-month subscription.
  • Download the size and format you need with no extra steps—16:9, 4:3, JPEG, MP4, PSD, or PPT.
  • Edit fast and easy with the Smart Media Editor, or take over 600 Photoshop files and run with them.
  • Do all your church design work in one place with print-ready bulletin inserts, posters, invitation cards, and more.

Enjoy Faithlife Sermons, included at no cost. (Access 7,500+ sermon outlines and illustrations, plus sermon storage, transcription, and more.)

Try Faithlife Media for free! Test drive it for 14 days, no strings attached, and see how much you love it. If it’s not for you, cancel with the click of a button.

Christian Photography That Doesn't Say Cheese

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Written by Faithlife Staff