I Wish I'd Found It Sooner

Many people enjoy studying Scripture in its traditional format, but others feel disconnected from the text rimmed in gold leaf. I’d always been the latter.
In high school, I attended an early-morning Bible study. I can admit to being bored a lot of the time. I missed connections, lost track of characters, and felt confused.
On the first day of my internship at Logos Bible Software, I was introduced to the Faithlife Study Bible. Immediately I thought of the ways this could have made my years of Scripture study much more useful. I could’ve interacted with the text by making notes as I read, explored layers of study notes, and seen thousands of pictures and videos to bring the Scriptures to life. I wish I’d found this app sooner.
Right now you can download the Faithlife Study Bible free for iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire. Download yours, and begin interacting with your Bible study today.

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Written by melaniepeters