Why Your Worship Team Should Use Faithlife Groups

Your church’s weekend services have a lot of moving parts. You need notes for the sermons, lyrics for every song, greetings, transitions, and more. You can only reach part of your team with email, and the rest have to be updated via social media. On top of all this, you have meetings, practices, and more.

Make Sundays smooth—collaborate online.

Faithlife groups make coordination easy. That’s why thousands of churches use Faithlife groups every week to pull off their weekend services.

When you have the worship set for the weekend, share it right to your group so your team can access it. You can adjust the settings of your group so that only the admin can share documents (Faithlife groups support 15 different document types), or you can give these privileges to all members and turn your group into the ultimate collaboration tool.

Are multiple people working on your presentation slides? Share the PowerPoint or Proclaim presentation to your Faithlife Group so everyone can collaborate.

Add your practice sessions, run-throughs, or other regular meetings to the calendar to remind people when things are going on.

Post to your group and send an email—simultaneously.

Some people struggle to learn new things. It’s a battle just to get them to check their email, so you could send them documents and rope them in with everyone else when there was something to share.

When you post to your Faithlife Group, it sends an email to everyone in your group with the content of the post and a link back to your group—so members can read what they need to from their email, or they can jump into the conversation. If you only want to receive emails about specific types of notifications (or you want to work within the group without emails), just change your account settings.

Your worship team could range from teens to senior citizens. Faithlife Groups let you use one source to keep everyone in the loop. You can access your group from the web, see what’s going on from email, or join in from your mobile device—so everyone stays on the same page.

Share insights with your team—instantly.

Faithlife groups give you more ways to interact around the Word. If your worship team wants to read a devotional together or follow a Bible reading plan, you can share that reading plan directly to your group. Everyone can connect to the plan and receive reminders to read and follow along.

Community Notes let your group share insights and highlight passages for the whole group to see.
You can also share a prayer list to remind each other how to pray for one another. Indicate when a prayer request has been answered or add items to the list at any time.

When it comes to connecting your team, Faithlife groups is a free way to bring everyone together—even when you’re apart.

Download the free Faithlife App (for iOS or Android devices) and start a group for your worship team today.

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Written by
Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson is a writer for OverviewBible, where he uses Logos to explore the characters, groups, places, and books of the Bible. He has served in a variety of volunteer ministry positions, primarily through Young Life.

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Written by Ryan Nelson