3 Ways to Talk about Recurring Online Giving and Beat the Summer Slump

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Summertime doesn’t have to be a season that stretches your church funds. If you aren’t capitalizing on the ways people use mobile devices, including recurring giving, you’ll probably face the dreaded summer slump every year. Taking advantage of technology could increase giving at your church by thousands of dollars a year.

3 ways to talk about recurring giving

Incorporate mobile giving  

For years, church members gave through cash or check during Sunday morning services. But these days most people prefer to online giving through their mobile device. In the past year, mobile giving donations have increased by 205%.1 Mobile giving provides people the opportunity to give any time throughout the week and allows them to schedule recurring giving. 

Mention giving during announcements

An easy way to inform church members about setting up and using recurring giving is to mention it during announcements. Prepare a few media slides to give clear directions as you let people know about online and mobile giving. You can also set up a number people can text to set up recurring giving so they can get started straight away. 

Add recurring giving directions to written communication

When I worked in full-time ministry, my boss told me that each staff member should act as “C. R. O.” or “Chief Reminding Officer” for church members. Pastors and staff think about generosity and the church budget constantly,  because it’s part of their job. For church members, generosity matters, but it’s not always top of mind. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of opportunities like emails, web pages, and digital newsletters to create extra touch points that inform church members about how to set up and use recurring giving. 

Avoiding the summer slump in generosity is possible. Start by implementing these three easy ways to address the “how & why” behind your church’s view of generosity.

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  1. Mobile Giving Statistics for Nonprofits,” Nonprofits Source
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