Why Is the Trinity Important? Free Book Answers (+ a Bonus)

Ebooks FBOTM May 2021

Why is the Trinity important? After all, the word “Trinity” doesn’t even appear in the Bible.

The Trinity, Practically Speaking (May’s free book) answers that question. Author Ralph Macchia begins the prologue with this relatable account:

My nephew Anthony looked at me and said, “Explain the doctrine of the Trinity to me!” He was only twelve years old. How was I to do this? I tried to use one example after another, but he seemed unsatisfied. Many of us have had this experience. We learn very quickly that even basic biblical truths can be difficult to understand and explain. And yet, the doctrine of the Trinity is a practical necessity to the Christian life. We simply cannot do without it.

Why can we not do without it? 

Macchia shows that the doctrine helps Christians in potentially unexpected ways:

  • Understanding the Trinity changes our view of God.
  • That changed understanding leads to a more full and transformed Christian life.

Pick up the book for free today.

Bonus: free audiobook

Also, don’t miss grabbing your free copy of The Pursuit of God audiobook

A. W. Tozer’s Christian classic urges followers of Jesus to realize both the possibility and necessity of living out a deeper relationship with God. Using examples from Scripture and from the lives of saints who lived with this hunger for God, this classic work deals with the deeper aspects of Christianity as well as the riches and joys of God’s grace and love for us. 

Get it now.

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