Why Faithlife Employees Can Take Unlimited Vacation

Faithlife has a pretty unusual vacation policy: there isn’t one.

A couple of Faithlife’s company values are honesty and openness. Things like “unlimited time off” emerge out of the mutual trust these values help foster. When you’ve had other jobs, it’s a strange transition from carefully documented days off to absolute freedom. At first, I often found myself counting how many days off I’d taken, and balancing that against an imaginary idea of what I believed was a reasonable amount of time off.

Life happens

Several Faithlife employees got married this summer. One of them was Ray, who says, “I took three weeks off during the summer, and I didn’t have to ask anyone. I just decided what I wanted to do and did it. But we’re choosing not to travel over the holidays because we did that.” Thanks to Faithlife’s flexibility, Ray didn’t have to plan his wedding around his work schedule.

Taylor and his wife, Nikki, went on a mission trip to Mexico. Taylor says, “I just put down the days I’ll be gone and tell my team lead what’s going on. I try to make sure my stuff is done ahead of time or else get my projects covered by coworkers. . . .”

When people take vacation here, we don’t just abandon the work we’re doing. We believe it matters, so we make sure it’s going to get done—whether we’re here or not.

For me, there were several big life events that I needed time off for this summer. I got married and took a honeymoon. I led a team of high school volunteers at a Young Life camp for a month. A couple weeks after I got back, I took a group of middle school students to that same camp for five days.
Each of those were things that mattered to me, and none of them were a problem to take time off for.

Sherri says, “The vacation policy and flexible hours were a big draw for me to work at Faithlife. At my last job, I was always on the clock and pretty much never took vacation—I was even scared to schedule dentist appointments! The fact that the company I work for trusts me enough to manage my time and get my work done makes me feel more personally invested in the company.”

Josh, a manager here at Faithlife, had this to say: “The vacation policy at Faithlife has a huge impact on the corporate attitude of the company. It proves we take ‘awesomeness’ seriously. We recruit and hire awesome people, and we trust them to do the jobs we hire them to do. The unlimited vacation policy communicates a ‘we’re all adults here’ mentality that people respond to very well. In my experience, people end up taking about the same amount of time off every year that they would at any other company.”

Join us, and you can take unlimited vacations too!

Faithlife is always looking for talented, awesome employees. Check out our available careers, and find the one that fits you.

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Written by
Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson is a writer for OverviewBible, where he uses Logos to explore the characters, groups, places, and books of the Bible. He has served in a variety of volunteer ministry positions, primarily through Young Life.

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Written by Ryan Nelson