Who Else Needs Wholesome Kids’ TV Shows for Holiday Breaks?

With Fall break and Thanksgiving break coming soon, kids will have more free time on their hands. Wouldn’t it be great to give them wholesome, faith-based kids’ tv shows to watch in their spare time?

With Faithlife TV Plus, you have a wealth of Christian cartoons, movies, and shows created just for kids—accessible from any device. There’s even a kid’s mode so they can easily find their favorite shows.

Be sure to check out the animated series, Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent. Ryan’s a secret agent who learns important lessons through his adventures.

The Web of Lies

Kids' TV Show Web of Lies

Ryan faces an evil computer genius who tries to trap an entire town and learns an important lesson about telling the truth.

Watch now.

The Ninja Chickens

Kids' TV Show Ninja Chickens

Ryan faces a band of ninja chickens and must learn the importance of forgiveness to save the day.

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The Strawberry Shrink-Cone

Kids' TV Show Shrink Cone

Ryan gets hit by a shrink ray at the zoo and learns that unkind words make a person feel small, but encouraging words build others up!

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