What’s the Gospel View of Money? (Free Paul Tripp Book)

july 2021 free book of the month Redeeming Money Paul Tripp

One of the most misquoted verses is “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” The word love is not normally ignored, but so many people overlook it in 1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV) and claim the Bible says money is bad.

But even when we understand that money isn’t inherently evil, how to correctly think about money can still be somewhat of a mystery. Unravel that mystery with Paul David Tripp in this month’s free book, Redeeming Money: How God Reveals and Reorients Our Hearts.

Author Courtney Reissig writes, “In typical Paul Tripp fashion, he convicts me of things I didn’t even know existed in my heart.”

Chris Brown, host of the radio show Life, Money, and Hope writes, “Redeeming Money will certainly challenge you, but it will also inspire and encourage you. Paul Tripp has once again created a masterpiece that has the perfect balance of unwavering truth and Christ-filled grace—ultimately giving hope to all who read it.”

Redeeming Money’s ten chapters begin with “Putting on the Right Glasses.” Tripp explains why he starts here:

No one is neutral in the way he or she thinks about life. No one is truly open-minded. Everyone carries with them a worldview that shapes their understanding of everything. Everyone is a philosopher; everyone is a theologian. All are meaning makers. We never leave our lives alone. We constantly dig through the pile of our experiences, seeking to make sense of what has happened and is happening to us. We form positions on everything, and those positions shape the decisions we make, the actions we take, and the words we say.

This is why it is both impossible and dangerous to start a book about money by talking about money. You just can’t understand anything in isolation. Everything in our lives is connected to everything else, and everything is shaped by what we understand to be true. Handling money right—being in control of it, not being controlled by it, and not asking it to do for you what it was never intended to do—requires examining the worldview that should shape how we think about money and everything else in our lives.

The last chapter, “Questions Only You Can Answer,” helps readers dig deep into their beliefs about money, see where they veer off the biblical path, and change course.

Uncover unconventional wisdom for overcoming money struggles—pick up Redeeming Money for free today.

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