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Genesis 2:4

Genesis 2:4
On Friday, we unlocked free access to Matt Chandler’s marriage book, The Mingling of Souls, for over 6,000 people in this Faithlife Group. (You can still get free access until February 15 if you follow the group.)
Here’s what people in the Faithlife Group are saying about the book so far:

This was a real eye opening book. Wished I’d read this book 45 years ago. That being said, there were many many ideas that even after 45 years of marriage are still timely and usable. I told my wife when I left for work today that I loved her, I’ll bet she’s still in shock. This is a book that should be read periodically throughout a marriage from engagement until death do you part. I know I have gotten complacent but this book brought me back to reality. Thank you Matt and Lauren for your candid and excellent content in the book.

No matter how many times you hear the gospel, you can always hear it again. There’s always something you can take back to your personal relationship with Jesus—even if you’ve already heard it before. The same is true for your marriage, and your relationship with your spouse.

“Chandler does a great job bringing out the brokenness and confusion of our male and female stereotypes and cultural wanderings.”

Deeply entwined in any conversation about marriage is a discussion about the roles of men and women and our perspective towards the other sex. As he explores what the Bible says, Matt explains how our culturally-informed perspectives of men and women can lead to problems in marriage.
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“Thanks for the expressed honesty in having made mistakes in your experience with your wife. It’s a great encouragement to those of us who recognize our sinfulness but also the graciousness of God to forgive and give us the power to overcome.”

Matt’s willingness to be vulnerable provides meaningful context to his teachings. He doesn’t just draw from the experiences of others or glorify his own marriage—he shows how even he makes mistakes as he strives to glorify God through his marriage.

“Thank you for this story. Because of it, I finally reconsidered whether I should place my hope in trying to build a relationship with a lukewarm Christian.”

As a pastor of a large church, Matt has been exposed to countless examples of heartache on the road to marriage. These aren’t made-up horror stories designed to scare you into making good choices. They’re real glimpses into the consequences of compromises we make instead of seeking God’s design for marriage.

“This book will be a must read for any of my kids that desire to date in their teenage years.”

Starting with dating, progressing through courtship and engagement, and landing in marriage, Matt maps out the entire journey from Christian singlehood to Christian marriage.
Wherever you are on that journey, it always helps to know how to get where you want to go.

“Thanks for some delightful chuckles at the humor in the explication of the Songs of Solomon. It was also refreshing to read a perspective where it is thought that it is the male who ‘pushes, tempts, and leads the way into lust.’ So often I have heard that it is the female who does this and I hear it just as often from females as I do from males.”

Like the Song of Solomon, The Mingling of Souls is at times playfully reflective and brutally honest. Matt plainly draws out the flirtation and warnings in the poetic back-and-forth between Solomon and his bride-to-be.

“Man this is just what I need. I can’t wait for the conference.”

The Mingling of Souls Marriage Conference is one month away. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn a small group night into a marriage retreat or to enjoy a weekend getaway with your spouse. You can even invite your whole church and become a host site (for $2 per person or less).
The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler
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