Want to Take Perfect Flatlay Photos? Here’s How One Designer Does It.

We’ve all taken photos of our Bible and a coffee mug—I know I have. But most of the time, I’m left wondering why my photo is missing the wow factor of other images.

My image:

Take flatlay photos blog

A Faithlife Media image:

Take flatlay photos blog

In this short video brought to you by Faithlife Media, you can learn what a flatlay is, what you need to make a beautiful flatlay, and how to take flatlay photos. Whether you’re shooting on a smartphone or a DSLR, you can start putting these tips to work today.

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Written by
Jennifer Grisham

Jennifer Grisham is a writer for Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software and other tools for churches. She previously served as director of administration at a church and managing editor and administrator for a ministry to worship leaders. Her work has been published by The Gospel Coalition, The Gospel Project, and Doxology & Theology, to name a few.

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Written by Jennifer Grisham