Turn TV Habits into Discipleship Opportunities

Do you ever feel like you’re in an uphill battle for your congregation’s attention? If so, you’re not alone. 

People are more distracted than ever by screens. And even if we happen to have the TV on, chances are we’re probably doing something on our mobile devices. As of 2019, the average person spends four hours per day watching TV. That adds up to 20 hours on weekdays alone and doesn’t include time spent on social media.

There’s a healthy, even spiritually beneficial way to watch TV: viewing Bible-based content in community.

One way to bridge the gap between mobile and face-to-face relationships is to invite your church to enjoy faith-inspiring films together. Faithlife TV Church is a churchwide subscription that gives your whole congregation access to video lectures, Bible-based documentaries, films, kids’ shows, and more.

Your Faithlife TV Church subscription gives you and your congregation access to over 7,000 video lectures from prominent Christian teachers—plus more than 1,000 documentaries, Christian films, and kids’ videos.

Here are the different ways your members can benefit from Faithlife TV Church.

Family-friendly movies

Give your congregation a Christian alternative to secular streaming services. With a robust library of Christian content, you can rest easy knowing your members have access to good Bible teaching, Christian TV, kids’ shows, family-friendly movies, and exclusive Faithlife Original content. 

Bite-sized theology

Learn from respected theologians through 5- to 10-minute video lectures, perfect for busy schedules. The courses cover topics ranging from basics of the faith to complex theological ideas including:

  • Apologetics
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Church History
  • Communication
  • Cultural Studies
  • Leadership Development
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • And more

These videos span hundreds of theological topics that can provide years of small group study opportunities. With more than 7,000 Mobile Ed videos at your disposal, your options are extensive. Explore apologetics together. Dive into a focused study of Matthew. Choose a Christian living topic and discover new insights.

Exclusive Faithlife Originals

Faithlife has been using technology to equip people to study the Bible for over 25 years, and we’ve now added original faith-based films to the mix. We want to help people in many walks of life engage with the truths of the Bible—from kids to lay leaders to scholars—and we’re using Faithlife Originals to do just that. Here are a few examples of the Faithlife Original movies only available through Faithlife TV. 

Fragments of Truth

Join Dr. Craig Evans as he travels the globe to track down the most ancient New Testament manuscripts. Along the way, he highlights groundbreaking new evidence, demonstrating that the case for the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts is stronger than ever.


In this surprising and entertaining film, Dr. Mark Ward explores the challenges facing readers of the King James Bible today. He shows why every English reader can benefit from today’s translations—and why you might not be as fluent in KJV English as you think.

Bible Agent 7

Bible Agent 7 is a cartoon series for children designed to spark their curiosity about the Bible. Bible Agent 7 is on a mission to rescue a fellow Bible agent who has gone missing. To find him, she’ll have to rely on her ability to search the Scriptures—and the help of her friends.

Sermon streaming

With a Faithlife TV Church subscription, you can automatically publish every sermon to your church’s own Faithlife TV channel.

Your congregation can rewatch the sermon or catch it if they missed it. You can also upload discussion questions or study guides to go along with your sermon, perfect for small group study.

Faithlife TV Church includes Faithlife Sermons because we want to help you build a stronger message.

  • Find the perfect sermon illustration from a growing collection with over 6,000 anecdotes, stories, quotes, and more. 
  • Search thousands of sermon transcripts for ideas and inspiration for your sermons, and get feedback from other pastors on your own sermons.
  • Discover the perfect art for your church’s media needs. You’ll get unlimited downloads of over 700 motion graphics, 6,000 announcements, sermon series backgrounds, and stock photography designed for churches.
  • And more.

Faithlife TV Church can transform the screen into a discipleship tool, with enough variety to match everyone’s tastes and tech habits. Learn more about Faithlife TV Church.

Written by
Jess Holland

Jess Holland is a marketing and communications copywriter for Life.Church. She was previously a writer on Faithlife staff.

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Written by Jess Holland