Training Mailbag: Why Do I Need a Church Presentation Team in Proclaim?

We’re running a new training mailbag segment here on the Faithlife blog, in which we answer some questions about our products from readers. Add a comment below with your questions, and we may answer them in an upcoming mailbag segment.

This week, we’re answering more questions about using Proclaim.

1. Why do I need a church group and a presentation team for Faithlife Proclaim?

Faithlife Proclaim is designed for collaboration between the different members of your team who work on your presentations every week. With your Proclaim subscription, anyone who touches your presentation can download and install Proclaim, and any changes they make are synced across every device that has Proclaim installed.

As part of signing up for Proclaim, a church group and presentation team are automatically created for you. These are tools that allow you to:

  • Manage who gets access to make changes to your presentations. Anyone who is a member of your presentation team can download Proclaim and access your presentations.
  • Message your entire presentation team or individuals on your team.
  • Share files with your presentation team.

This becomes even more useful if you use more than part of the Faithlife platform. Proclaim imports certain kinds of information to slides in your presentation with a click. For example:

Church groups and teams make church presentations easier than ever by facilitating easy-to-use collaboration between your team and by integrating other Faithlife tools and features.

Learn more about groups and teams with Proclaim

2. Where do I go to share the sermon I just published from Proclaim?

When you hit Publish in Proclaim, your sermon becomes available in your church group on, as well as at Faithlife Sermons (Faithlife’s sermon hosting service). You also have the option to distribute your sermon as a podcast, on Faithlife TV, and to embed it anywhere.

You can find additional sharing options on Faithlife Sermons. Learn more.

3. How do I update Proclaim?

The good news is that Proclaim automatically downloads and installs updates on your computer. You don’t need to do anything. In the unlikely event that you need to manually update Proclaim, you can do so by clicking Help > About, then clicking Download in the About screen. Learn more

If you’re unable to open Proclaim and want to download Proclaim for a fresh install, you can do so by visiting the Proclaim download page.


We hope this answers some of your questions! If this sparked another, add your comment below and we may answer it in an upcoming mailbag. 

You can also find many answers in our help desk or by reaching out to our Church Support Center—it’s open 365 days a year.

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