Training Mailbag: What Is the Difference between a Team and a Subgroup?

In this training mailbag segment, we’ll be answering a common question about Faithlife groups. Whether or not you have the same question, we’d love to hear from you!

What is the difference between a team and a subgroup in your church’s group?

Once your church has created a group on, you’ll come across the option to set up teams and subgroups, but you might be unclear on the difference between them.

Generally speaking, teams are meant for ministry staff to organize and manage their service. In other words, teams provide access to administrative content and permissions to fulfill a specific service role in your church. For example, those in your Proclaim presentation team can log into Proclaim to view, edit, and run your presentations, and those in your Finance Team can view your church’s giving data. So, joining a team often grants team members special access to content.

Subgroups, on the other hand, are meant for building smaller communities within your church for fellowship and edification. These might include small groups or a youth group. Subgroups are free and unlimited, so your church group can hold as many subgroups as you need. Each group and subgroup has its own content, membership, and permissions. Members of your subgroup automatically become members of your parent church group as well.

Whether we’re talking about subgroups or teams, you can set permissions for each one independently. This means your main church group can be public for anyone to follow, while teams and small groups will only be visible to those you (or another admin) invite.

And it only takes a few clicks to add new subgroups and teams. To add either, simply click the plus icon in the Teams or Groups panel.

image showing how to add new subgroups in Faithlife groups

To learn more about using Faithlife groups, click here.


We hope this answers your question about the difference between subgroups and teams. If this raised other questions, feel free to comment below! 

You can also find many answers by checking out the Faithlife Help Center or by reaching out to our Church Support Center—it’s open 365 days a year.

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