Training Mailbag: How Much Does It Cost to . . . ?

In this week’s training mailbag segment, we’ll be addressing a couple of questions about Faithlife Giving and Proclaim. As always, add your questions as new comments below, and we may answer them in an upcoming mailbag segment.

1. How much does it cost to use Digital Signage?

Believe it or not, Digital Signage is FREE. All you need is a Faithlife group with a Presentation Team and a WiFi connection—no standalone digital signage software required. That means you can enjoy hundreds of Bible trivia questions and over 1,500 animated Verse Art slides on an unlimited number of feeds. 

learn about giving processing fees and digital signage

Digital Signage is free, but when you pair it with Faithlife Proclaim, your design options increase exponentially.

Click here to learn more about Digital Signage.

2. How do I pick the right Faithlife Giving plan for my church?

With Faithlife Giving, every feature, including text to give and kiosk giving, is included at no additional cost—no matter what plan you choose. So choosing the right plan for your church is a simple two-step process.

Step 1. Look at how much your church receives in monthly online gifts. 

Is it:

  • Under $7,500?
  • Over $7,500?
  • Over $20,000?

Step 2. Refer to the chart below.

learn about giving processing fees and digital signage

There you go! Now you know how to maximize every dollar your church receives with Faithlife Giving. (And if you ever need to change your plan, all it takes is a quick phone call.)

But before you go, here’s a bonus tip.

TIP: If you’re just starting with Faithlife Giving, select the Premium plan. Because we want to help the Church throughout COVID-19, you’ll get six months of Premium—and our lowest processing rates—without a subscription fee. 

You can sign up in less than five minutes and start receiving gifts immediately.

Click here to learn more.


We hope this answers some of your questions about the cost of some Faithlife services. If this raised any other questions for you, feel free to comment below! 

You can also find many answers by checking out the Faithlife Help Center or by reaching out to our Church Support Center—it’s open 365 days a year.

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