Training Mailbag: How Can I Record Cash & Check Gifts?

With Faithlife Giving, your church can keep all donations—whether online, by check, or in cash—together in one place. 

This helps with more than just organization! It also allows you to export all gifts from Faithlife Giving directly into your church’s accounting program. And to top it all off, year-end giving statements will also include every recorded donation to your church.

So, without further ado, here’s how your Finance Team can record checks and cash gifts:

1. Navigate to the Gifts menu.

Go to your church Finance Team on (If you don’t know where to find it, log in to, go to your church group, and click Finances in the left-hand sidebar.) Once you’re there, click Gifts in the Admin panel on the left.

Training Mailbag Gifts Admin Panel

2. Click Add.

Click the Add button above the table showing gifts given to your church.

Training Mailbag Add Gift

3. Enter the gift details.

  • Giver name: If the giver is part of your church group or has given by cash or check before, their name will appear as you type. Click their name to connect the gift with the giver. Note: If you select an existing giver name from the auto-fill, and that giver has email and address information on file, these fields will auto-populate.
  • Email address: If you plan to have a year-end giving statement emailed to the donor, provide an email address.
  • Address: If you plan to mail a year-end giving statement to the donor, provide a mailing address by clicking +Address.
  • Send receipt: If you’ve included an email address with the gift, check the box beside Send receipt to email a receipt when you save the gift.
  • Giving Date: Enter the date the gift was given. This is important for tax purposes, as gifts given will display on year-end giving statements according to the date you enter.
  • Gift Type: Choose between Cash, Check, PayPal, or Other.
  • Deposit Date: If it helps your record-keeping, you can include the date the gift was deposited.
  • Funds: You can assign the gift to any fund(s).Training Mailbag Gift Details

4. Save the gift.

Click Save to finalize the gift, or click Save and add another gift if you have more gifts to enter.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is!

And don’t worry if you make a mistake as you enter. You can go back and edit any gift you’ve entered manually. Click here to learn how.

If you have any questions about this or want to suggest a Training Mailbag topic, feel free to email us at

Written by
Adam Shaeffer

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Written by Adam Shaeffer