Top Worship Songs for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving weekend is approaching quickly, and you may be looking for some Thanksgiving-themed worship songs to lead.

We compiled this list by identifying the most-used songs in Proclaim over last Thanksgiving weekend, plus a few more that thematically fit well (covering contentment, gratitude, thankfulness, etc.).

Here are the top 5.

Give Thanks

This simple song—just one verse and chorus—repeats the refrain “Give thanks” with every line of the verse. It centers our thanksgiving around God’s greatest gift: Jesus Christ, his son.

Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow (Doxology)

This short, classic hymn has been a staple of worship services for centuries. And it’s all the more fitting for Thanksgiving weekend, as it praises God for his blessings over all creation.


This well-known song, based on Psalm 89:1–2, is ideal for Thanksgiving. With the opening line, “Give thanks to the Lord,” it goes on to reflect on reasons why we thank the Lord—most of all, his steadfast love.

Blessed Be Your Name

This song, based on Job’s confession of the Lord’s sovereignty and provision in the midst of great suffering (Job 1:20–21), recognizes that God is worthy of thanks and praise in any season. It would pair nicely with a reading from Job or James 1:17.

How Great Thou Art

Another classic, this hymn reflects on God’s faithfulness in every season and every way—whether it’s in his consistent character (verse 1), provision (chorus), rule over the earth (verse 2), or forgiveness and enduring presence (verse 3).


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Written by
Matthew Boffey

Matthew Boffey (MDiv, Trinity International University) is the pastor of worship at Christ Church Bellingham. He is also editor-in-chief of Ministry Team magazine, has edited several books, and has written for several blogs and publications, including Relevant online, the Logos blog, and the Faithlife blog.

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Written by Matthew Boffey