Top 5 Controversial Topics on Christian Discourse

See what Christians are talking about right now, and add your voice to the conversation.
For many people, it’s tough to find the right place to talk about controversial issues. The wrong topic at the wrong time or in the wrong place can create divisions in families, friendships, colleagues, or even churches. In lieu of navigating these delicate conversations and risking relational struggles, some people choose silence. Sometimes silence is the right choice, but if we always hide our voice, we miss out on both an opportunity to grow and an opportunity to reveal Christ in us.
When our own beliefs interact with the beliefs of others, something powerful happens. Our beliefs emerge from the conversation even stronger than before. Whether you identify with someone else’s thoughts, or you disagree, the process of sharing with other Christians can hone and sharpen our faith (Proverbs 27:17).
Here are the top five controversial discussions going on right now:
1. Women leading and teaching in the church
2. Why is homosexuality such a big deal?
3. The moral argument for God’s existence
4. Leviticus for today?
5. Is the Bible obsolete?
Whatever you believe, and whether or not you express it verbally, the love of Christ should first and foremost manifest itself in your life through your actions. This includes the way we verbally communicate our beliefs. That’s why Christian Discourse is designed to foster healthy communication. When you discuss your beliefs on Christian Discourse, approach the conversation the same way you would at church. Love God, love others. Choose words that reflect this love. If you can’t do that, you probably aren’t ready to have the conversation—in person or on the Internet.
If you’re ready to start discussing life and God with other Christians, they’re waiting to hear from you. Christian Discourse lets you talk about everything from how to watch sermons online to the salvation of pets to fasting. Whatever your question, Christian Discourse offers a great community to quickly gather insight from a variety of perspectives.
Don’t have time to read an entire forum thread? Summarize it. Below the initial post in a particularly lively forum thread, Christian Discourse shows you all of the links in the post so you can quickly gather context, an estimate of how long it will take you to read the entire forum, and the option to summarize the thread into the most popular responses. If you’re interested in a topic but short on time, Christian Discourse frees you to easily navigate each thread.
Visit Christian Discourse today, and start discussing life in Christian community.

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Ryan Nelson
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Written by Ryan Nelson