This Free Report Reveals What’s Really Happening in Churches Right Now

Faith Communities Todays most recent report on American congregations revealed something significant—a common denominator in thriving churches. The major trend? Churches that successfully manage change and have a stronger emphasis on innovation will grow. 

Wow. Who knew that soon churches everywhere would be heaved into a place where successfully managing change would be required just to survive? Where innovation would be just as necessary as sermon preparation to feed the flock? (Spoiler alert: God did.)

When it comes down to it, how has the Church changed during the time of coronavirus? The shift is impossible to miss, whether you’re scrolling through social media, talking to Christians around the country, or looking at church websites. Things are different, and the Church can only go forward from here.

To help churches lead strategically and hopefully amid a difficult season, Faithlife started gathering data in two ways:

  • Conducting surveys of churches
  • Analyzing Faithlife Giving trends and behaviors

The resulting State of the Church COVID-19 Report is completely free. Download the most recent report today for helpful information and conclusions to help guide your next steps. 

coronavirus report blog

One aspect you’ll see addressed in the free report is how prepared churches feel about what’s ahead. In addition, you’ll see how connecting with congregations online has helped maintain engagement and contributed to continued giving.  

The message of the Church hasn’t changed, but methods for spreading the message have. 

Similarly, the Church’s goals haven’t changed, but opportunities for reaching them have. You no longer have to do everything on paper, count on the offering plate to survive, connect only with phone calls and postcards, and leave out people who can’t make it to church in person. You don’t have to hammer business solution after business solution together hoping to fit a square peg into a round hole.

There’s a new way to get what you need, spend less time administering rather than ministering, and support the sanity of everyone on your church staff.

The world’s first integrated ministry platform is here, and it houses everything church leaders like you need to efficiently engage and disciple your community online.  

There’s so much in this platform, we can’t begin to do it justice here. Suffice it to say, Faithlife Equip—part of the world’s first integrated ministry platform—is the robust tech stack you need to do the critical work of the church, whether you’re gathering online, in the sanctuary, or out in the community.

  • Need a website that looks great, serves your members, and welcomes visitors—one you can create in an afternoon with absolutely no design or coding experience? 
  • Looking for online giving for churches with a setup as simple as 1-2-3, plus built-in features and stewardship resources that make your members look forward to giving tithes and offerings?
  • Wishing there were an easy way to keep your members discipled throughout the week, whether you’re meeting in person or not? Something that would challenge their spiritual formation and help make sure your messages from Scripture don’t fall on deaf ears? To develop doers who will be the Church, rather than just hearers?

You can get access to just about everything in the integrated ministry platform with one simple subscription to Faithlife Equip (Live Stream is not included).

With one subscription, you can accomplish the practical, day-to-day stuff that can drive you crazy . . . plus connect with your members and guests in a way that cuts distraction, exalts Christ, and helps your church grow in a God-honoring way.

Explore this one powerful subscription for your church today. Church tech experts are here 365 days a year to run demos with you, help you start a free trial, and answer all your questions.

coronavirus report blog


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Written by Faithlife Staff