The One Thing Every Family Does before Visiting Your Church

When you’re getting ready to sell your house, experts tell you to pay special attention to your front door. Pour buckets of elbow grease into cleaning it, and replace it if it’s really seen better days. If it’s in good shape, give it a fresh coat of paint in an appealing, popular color. Hang house numbers, and dress it up with some greenery. 

A beautiful front door gives a beautiful first impression—and that first impression can make or break a buyer’s decision before they even turn the knob.

In case you hadn’t heard yet, your website is the front door of your church. Before someone even thinks about visiting your church, they look at your front door—your church website. 

Is yours drawing visitors in . . . making them eager to see more? Or does it leave them clicking off the page after just a few seconds?

To find out, get your free copy of 5 Essential Rules for Church Website Design. When you follow those rules, you don’t have to be a pro church website designer to have a front door that leaves people longing to see more.

Download your free guide today, and be on your way to a beautiful church website.

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Faithlife Staff

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Written by Faithlife Staff