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When you can turn to the Bible for anything, where do you begin?
Bible Study Magazine offers unique insights, study methods, and step-by-step Bible studies to help you dig deep into the Word and apply it to your life.
Each issue of Bible Study Magazine offers inspiring stories and studies from notable Christian leaders. Each issue also hones in on a biblical book or theme, helping you focus your study.

Biblical scholars offer guidance as they walk with you through challenging passages. Consider ancient contexts, pick apart Greek and Hebrew terms (without knowing the original languages!), and discover repeated themes you may have missed before. Poignant devotionals prompt you to interact personally with the text. And stunning infographics help you grasp and remember difficult concepts.

The new and improved features some of the latest stories from each issue giving you a sense of what you’ll be getting if you subscribe to the magazine!

Gain insights from BSM articles

On, you’ll find:
The cover story of each issue, featuring the influences of the biggest names in biblical scholarship and the church. Some of our latest cover stories include interviews with Eric Mason and Philip Yancey.

Feature stories with a global focus. What does Bible study and discipleship look like in India, Russia, or Palestine? Discover stories of Christian leaders who are bringing the Gospel in various places around the globe.

Exclusive content and infographics that will reveal the theme of the issue. You’ll get a sense of the multiple Bible study tips, tricks, and insights we offer in each issue!
What’s more—we will be keeping a backlog of articles published on the site at Explore this page and you will find past articles and stunning interactives!

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Katie Monsma

Katie (Monsma) Vaniman is a marketing communications manager and proud resident of the Pacific Northwest.

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Written by Katie Monsma