The Invisible Church Staff Member You Should Hire Today

woman using church software (an integrated ministry platform) on laptop

Church software can be like the brand-new volunteer trying to help out in an area where they’re not gifted. They get the work partway done, but you have to come behind to pick up the slack, correct errors, and finish the job.

Or it can be like the intuitive, expertly trained assistant who knows what to do without being asked—and magically reduces stress levels. 

It can actually think like a church—saving you time and brain power. 

How could that kind of software change your week? 

Here are a few examples: 

  • Your church software can know that when you show a Bible verse on screen, you don’t want to show just a verse. You want to show it in context.
  • It can know that sharing a church event announcement is only half the battle. It also needs to be taken down after the event is over.
  • It can know your visitors want to hear from you right away when they fill out a connection card—and that you shouldn’t have to copy/paste the same welcome message for every single visitor.

You shouldn’t have to choose between excellence and 80-hour work weeks, spend more time on tech than ministry, or start all your church administration and management tasks with a blank slate.

Having a software that “thinks” helps make sure you don’t have to. 

  • Your invisible assistant (the world’s first integrated ministry platform) knows how busy you are, so it automatically removes announcements from your website after events have passed.
  • It knows you likely have a team of church volunteers running your presentations, updating your website, and helping with events—or you’d like to. So it makes it easy to collaborate from anywhere, create and run presentations, and train new volunteers in just a couple of Sundays.
  • It knows you don’t want to sit there for an hour after the service trying to force a sermon onto your church website, so it helps you do it in a couple of clicks.

And that’s just for starters. 

The Do-It-All Platform for Do-It-All Pastors. Faithlife Equip

Hear more from Bob Prichett, President and CEO of Faithlife, including how even child check-in can help you carry out your church’s mission:

This article could go on and on with ways Faithlife Equip was built with the Church and its people in mind—like how you can easily set up Faithlife Giving so the pastor never sees giving information. (We know most pastors don’t want to.) Or how easy it is to reserve facilities and resources at the same time you create an event. 

But we’ll end with another big way Faithlife Equip thinks like a church—it puts everything you need for digital discipleship, your church website, online giving, and much more all in one package (with one bill, one login, and one password). So while you’re giving 100% to serve day in and day out, it’s right beside you.

Find out more today. 

Why Churches Are Abandoning Secular Apps. See why.


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