The Color Rule You Must Know When Designing a Church Website

Colors create mood. Popular theory is they can even make you hungry. (Red and yellow, we’re talking about you.)

You probably know that great church website designs aren’t all red and yellow, though, so how do you design a church website with colors that serve up an appetizing look? One that doesn’t drive visitors to the back button?

Here’s the key, from the free guide 5 Essential Rules for Church Website Design.


Choose contrasting colors

Contrasting colors are critical for readability.

There are plenty of resources online to help you choose contrasting colors, but ideally, your church website builder has premade color templates you can choose from. 

And as with fonts, you should be consistent—each page shouldn’t have a different color scheme. Does your church already have one or two brand colors in the logo? Pick colors that are consistent with it or complement it. 

color rule for designing a church website blog post

Looking for a color that pairs well with purple?

Look at its opposite, yellow. Repeat with any color.


Get the rest of the church website design guide today! Learn how to use fonts, which common design mistakes to avoid, and more.

color rule for designing a church website blog post

Written by
Mary Jahnke

Mary Jahnke is a content marketing specialist. She has a background in marketing, especially for Christian education, and feels blessed to serve the Church at Faithlife.

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Written by Mary Jahnke