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There’s no doubt about it: small churches can have massive impact. And church tech? It can help that reach extend even further. Find out how in Faithlife’s new guide, Adapt or Dwindle: Futureproof Your Small Church.

The excerpt below answers “Why should small churches invest in using technology, anyway?”

Download the full guide (for free, of course!) to find out what you should look for in your tech, smart questions to ask about church tech, and more.


If your church is like most churches, your goal is reaching people for Christ and helping them grow as disciples. You have an ambitious mission in front of you. All churches do. The Great Commandment and the Great Commission are God-sized tasks that can feel overwhelming at times, even for large churches with seemingly unlimited resources.

Your church has advantages large churches can’t fathom. You’re nimbler. People can’t sit down and disappear on Sunday morning (which means you always know where people stand with your church). Your church likely looks like a family—with children, teenagers, midlife adults, and seniors. People can’t hide in age-based classes and get to know only people like them.

Those are real advantages. But you also have disadvantages—ones you’re probably aware of—such as limited resources (both financial and human).

Investing in the future with technology helps you take aim at those two limitations so you can focus on ministry. How?

1. Technology is a multiplier. It doesn’t replace personal relationships, but it can multiply your ability to develop ministry relationships. Technology helps you minimize administrative needs while maximizing the time you can connect with others.
2. Technology scales. Technology can grow with a church. You can start off small and let it grow alongside you. Most technology tools have an entry-level option that is affordable for anyone and can grow more involved (and more expensive) as the church grows.

Investing in technology isn’t a luxury only for large churches. It’s critical for small churches to take the leap if they want to steward their time and resources well in our modern age.


If your church scrambled in 2020 to find whatever quick fix you could find to meet your immediate needs, you’re in good company. Many churches did this. But we’re in a new season.

Find steps to help you move forward in Adapt or Dwindle: Futureproof Your Small Church. Get it free today.

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