How to Survey Your Church This Sunday

Live surveys are a fun way to engage your congregation while getting important information at the same time. You can use them as sermon illustrations, during announcements to get a pulse for people’s schedules, or in any number of ways.

And with Faithlife Proclaim, adding a live survey is as easy as a few clicks.

How to add a survey

Under Add Item, simply select Survey. From there, just type in your question and answer options, then customize the slide’s look and layout. You can even opt to show live results on the slide, or add a results slide later in your presentation! (Learn how to respond to live surveys here.)

Power up Proclaim and give it a shot! Your creativity is the limit when it comes to live surveys.


Don’t have Faithlife Proclaim yet?

If you haven’t tried Proclaim, now is a great time to start a free trial. For a month, you and your whole church will get access to powerful church presentation software, plus over 14,000 Pro Media pieces (no credit card required).

P.S. If you have ideas for any Proclaim features or fixes, let us know! (Join the Faithlife Proclaim group and you can post to it immediately.)

Written by
Jess Holland

Jess Holland is a marketing and communications copywriter for Life.Church. She was previously a writer on Faithlife staff.

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Written by Jess Holland