Some Churches Are Growing during COVID-19. Will Yours? Free Guide

Lives are shattered right now, inside and outside the Church. Fighting the pandemic has led to an economic downfall, heightened mental health challenges, and other fallout. Even healthy people with job security and no children to suddenly homeschool are burdened by uncertainty and loneliness. 

As a church leader, what can you do?

Click open the COVID-19 Church Playbook for some places to start. In this free coronavirus guide for churches, you’ll see help for each member of church staff—pastor, communicator, worship leader, and others.

Feeling like your church is behind in adapting to COVID-19? Find next steps in the playbook. 
Got a handle on many aspects of the church and coronavirus, but don’t want to lose your momentum? Get tips and ideas to maximize your efforts both now and after social distancing, when church cancellations are over and church services can happen in person again.

The Church shines in the dark. We’re reaching out to connect people and pull focus from what’s out of control . . . to the One who controls all.

Ready to move out of survival mode and toward shining your light? Get your free COVID-19 Church Playbook today.
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Written by Faithlife Staff