Some Church Members Will Ignore Your Call—but They Love This

Effective communication with your church members starts with one tiny thing. Do you know what it is?

Here’s a hint—this quote from Faithlife’s own Kristen Tetteh: 

I’m somebody who, during the working day, really prefers receiving a text over a call. I can respond to that sometimes a lot faster than I can a phone call. I don’t know, maybe it’s also my generation. Who knows?

From the myriad memes that say “My face when someone calls instead of texts,” or “Yeah, if you could stop calling when I text you, that’d be great,” looks like she’s onto something.

BUT . . . we can’t forget about that dependable group who will always wonder, “Why don’t they just call?!”

Getting communication preferences right is the centerpiece of the church communication puzzle (one that often gets accidentally knocked under the table). Don’t let it happen to you!

Find out how your members want to hear from you, then note it in a place that’s easy to get to—and communicate from.

One place where you can do that? Your church’s Faithlife group—when you use the communication features inside Faithlife Equip. See how simple it is to set communication preferences in Kristen’s video below. 


Because Faithlife’s church communication tools are built on the world’s first integrated ministry platform, you can also integrate your online giving, website, digital Bible study library, and more to your church group.


To learn more about what you can do with Faithlife, schedule a demo of Faithlife Equip.

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Written by
Mary Jahnke

Mary Jahnke is a content marketing specialist. She has a background in marketing, especially for Christian education, and feels blessed to serve the Church at Faithlife.

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Written by Mary Jahnke