Setting Up Faithlife Groups for Your Church

Daniel Ostendorff is an assistant professor of history and political science at LeTourneau University. He’s also a member of Longview Christian Church and a user of Faithlife Groups.
Recently, Daniel shared how he uses Faithlife Groups in Faithlife Beta. The Faithlife Beta group let’s you see what’s coming up next for Faithlife Groups and interact directly with the people who built it.
Here’s how Daniel set up Faithlife Groups for Longview Christian Church:
In the main group, Daniel invites others to share church-wide prayer requests, sermon outlines for Sunday, the calendar for weekly events and special occasions, and small group discussion questions for those who miss group meetings.
Daniel also created two subgroups, nested within his church’s main group. One of these is for small group leaders. It’s a secret group (so only members can see it) for small group leaders to share discussion guides and resources, and ask questions or share tips.
The other subgroup is for the small group Daniel co-leads with his wife. The small group is through their church, so naturally, the Faithlife Group is connected to their church’s group as well. In the group, Daniel and his wife share discussion questions, Community Notes from their readings, photos, prayer lists, and newsletters.
After sharing how he’s been using Faithlife Groups, Daniel also gave us his “wishlist” of ways we could improve the experience for him. One of his requests was actually addressed in our most recent update—you can now edit prayer lists online! Before, this advanced feature was only possible in Logos Bible Software. Daniel also hoped to see improved document organization (coming soon!), and better app integration with the calendar, documents, discussions, and other features (now available in the latest version of the Faithlife Groups app—iOS and Android).
The Faithlife Beta group is open to anyone, and all feedback is welcome—we’re building a tool for you and your church, so our developers would love to hear what’s working for your church, and what could be better.
Create your free account and join Faithlife Beta today!

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Faithlife Groups has a brand-new look. Check it out!

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Ryan Nelson
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Written by Ryan Nelson