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reading a bookA few months ago, I read Radically Normal by Josh Kelley, right after I read Radical by David Platt. The two books presented very different perspectives on a similar issue: how do we live out the gospel and devote our lives to Christ in this modern world? What does it look like to be “all in”? Platt advocated for radical abandonment of the American lifestyle and finding our place within the global mission of Christianity. Kelley suggested that a radical devotion to Christianity could be just as dangerous to the Christian as living a life of complacency, and urged that we invite God into every aspect of our life instead.
As a reader, the relationship between these two books was fascinating. I don’t normally reach out to authors, but at the end of Radically Normal, Josh’s invitation to continue the conversation seemed genuine, so I figured, “Why not?” and tweeted him. He responded right away, and we had a great conversation about his book over email (and eventually in an interview on Faithlife Today).
Josh Kelley with daughterRadically Normal is too close to Josh’s heart for him to not be invested in what you think as a reader. The book shares what his family has shown him about enjoying life’s pleasures as a child of the creator. He discusses what he learned when he took a second job at Starbucks and became a bivocational pastor during one of the busiest, most stressful times of his life. Most importantly, he casts his vision for modern Christians called to live in this world but not of it. As a pastor, Josh wants to stir up meaningful conversations—and participate in them.
That’s why Josh is inviting you to join his Faithlife Group for Radically Normal. Once you get the book, you can ask Josh questions directly within the book using Community Notes, or you can start a discussion with Josh and other readers.
Josh has included two suggested reading plans to help you get started (note: you can’t join the reading plan until you own the book), as well as a small group planning guide and small group discussion questions—you can find it all in the documents tab.
Grab your copy of Radically Normal today, and start a conversation in the Faithlife Group.

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