Prepare for Easter with a 14-Day Bible Reading Plan

Easter 2013As Easter approaches, Faithlife is offering a 14-day reading plan that follows the story of Christ’s resurrection. This year, you can learn more about Christ’s sacrifice—together. Join the 14 Days on Resurrection plan with your friends, church, or family, and grow closer to God during this time of reflection.
This reading plan is designed to guide Bible-study groups, worship teams, families, and individuals through the power of the Resurrection. Each day, the digital reading plan will notify you with what to read. If you happen to miss a day, the plan will catch you up!
The 14 Days on Resurrection plan gives you a different approach to reading in community. You can share questions with your group at any time, and with the Faithlife app, take your group Bible study anywhere.

How do I start a group?

Faithlife makes group Bible study easy and interactive. Just join or create a group by logging in to You can invite your friends, your family, or anyone from church to become members of your group.
To start a Resurrection reading plan, go to your group Faithlife page and add the “14 Days on Resurrection” reading plan. Members can connect to your plan and start diving into the Word for the next 14 days. While everyone reads together, you can share prayer requests and notes with the Community Notes feature.
Ready to join? Sign in with your Logos credentials, or sign up for a free account today!

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