Free Book: Are We Missing the Point in Jesus’ Parables?

old coins on a table representing the parable of the talents

There may be more to the parables of the unmerciful servant, the wise and foolish builders, the five talents, the Good Samaritan, and others than the interpretations we’ve heard time and time again.

Pastor Doug Newton explains further in the introduction to October’s free book, Fresh Eyes on Jesus’ Parables: Discovering New Insights in Familiar Passages.


What if the commonplace understanding of a Bible story or a well-known Scripture passage is the very thing keeping us from seeing the text in a new, life-transforming way?

We all find ourselves facing this problem when we study the Bible. We believe Scripture is living and powerful. But many of us, after a genuine encounter with God followed by faithful Bible study and many sermons, became so familiar with Scripture that it lost its impact. The Bible became a book of riddles to be solved. Once we “figured out what a passage meant,” we checked it off and moved on. We’ve seen these stories too many times, and everyone who’s been a Christian for even a year or two knows how that voracious appetite for the Word quickly fades.

. . .

Yet consider Jesus’ remedy: “You have heard that it was said, but I tell you . . .” He invited His listeners to break away from well-worn thinking to see something new, different. We need to look with fresh eyes at what we think we know well. . . .

My primary mission with this book series is not to share new insights I’ve uncovered. My greater desire is to reveal specific techniques that will allow you to make new discoveries about familiar passages that can revive your love for the infinite Word and transform your work in teaching and testimony.


Glean new insights into 10 parables and, more importantly, learn how to start seeing Scriptures with fresh eyes. Get Fresh Eyes on Jesus’ Parables free today.Ad reading "A Free Book for You. Get it this month from Faithlife Ebooks."

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