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The King James Version is the most widely read Bible in the United States. But over the last 400 years, English has changed in subtle ways few modern readers will recognize.

In Authorized, Mark Ward builds a case that our Bibles should be readable by what we would call “the man on the street.” He shows what exclusive readers of the KJV are missing as they read God’s Word.

For those who are convinced of the superiority of the KJV, whether for stylistic, cultural, pedagogical, theological, or traditional reasons, this is the book to read. – D.A. Carson

Learn more about Authorized.

Bible Agent 7, episode 2

Bible Agent 7 is on a mission to rescue a fellow Bible agent who has gone missing. To find him, she’ll have to rely on help from her friends—and her ability to search the Scriptures.

Learn more about Bible Agent 7.

Faith & Filmmaking with Tyler Smith

Through interviews with Christians working in Hollywood, Christian film critic Tyler Smith explores how their faith informs their profession and how Christians can be salt and light before a watching world. 

Learn more about Faith and Filmmaking.

Fragments of Truth

Have the Gospels been doctored to push a theological agenda? That’s what the skeptics claim. But New Testament scholar Craig Evans has new evidence that might just put those charges to rest. 

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