New to Faithlife TV Plus: Fragments of Truth, Faith & Filmmaking

We’re always adding new shows and movies to Faithlife TV Plus, and we’re excited to announce two highlights from our recent additions.

Fragments of Truth
A Faithlife original film, Fragments of Truth takes you on a journey to see some of the rarest New Testament manuscripts in the world.

Bible scholar Dr. Craig Evans highlights groundbreaking new evidence that demonstrates the case for the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts is stronger than ever.

As Christian author John Piper said of the movie, “If you are troubled by claims that we don’t have the original text of the Bible, watch this.”

Faith & Filmmaking with Tyler Smith
Through interviews with Christians working in Hollywood, Christian film critic Tyler Smith explores how their faith informs their profession and how Christians can be salt and light before a watching world.

 Coming January 24 to Faithlife TV Plus: Authorized and Bible Agent 7 Episode 2.


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