New: the World’s Smartest Humanities Software Is Here!

The wait is finally over: less than a year after launching our cutting-edge mobile app, we’ve just released Noet’s enhanced desktop application, making it the world’s smartest software for humanities study.

New Noet Research Libraries bring together the world’s most intelligent study tools with history’s greatest works. Choose which Noet Research Library is right for you!

See Noet in action

Noet equips people for smarter, faster study of literature, philosophy, history, and the classics. See what you can do:

Do smarter humanities study

Noet is the first of its kind—there’s nothing else like it on the market, making it the perfect study companion for students, professors, and classical enthusiasts all over the world.

If you’re a student: do intelligent searches across classic works and pinpoint answers in seconds. Find every time “virtue” is mentioned in Plato’s dialogues and every time “truth” is mentioned across your library. Plus, you’ll get to take advantage of the ultimate time-saver: automatic citations. Just copy and paste from any Noet ebook, and your sources are automatically cited for you in the style of your choice: choose from MLA, APA, AP, and more.

If you’re a professor: make new discoveries in a fraction of the time. With Noet, you can study primary texts and translations side by side, while scrolling them in sync. Select any word, see it’s Greek or Latin translation and definition, then jump to other sources that use the same word. You can also add your personal research papers, blogs, and articles into your Noet library—making them searchable, citable, and linked to other resources.

If you’re a homeschool parent: equip your children for more fruitful classical study. Mark up your resources with notes and highlights, then share your findings and questions with your kids, essentially embedding your syllabus into their ebooks. You can also easily connect with other students and parents with Noet groups—encouraging an open dialogue in a safe and controlled environment. Noet also equips you for powerful language study—even if you don’t speak a word of Greek or Latin, you can start grasping original language nuances with glosses of word meanings and pronunciation examples, and then share them with your children.

If you’re a history/literature/philosophy/classics buff: then this is a big deal. . . . Noet will be your new go-to source for all things humanities: get fresh ideas for compelling blog posts and research papers, make new connections across your favorite literary works—from Dickens to Milton to Austen, and take your much-loved digital library everywhere: start reading Tolstoy on the bus ride home, then pick up right where you left off on your desktop computer.

Engage history’s greatest minds and take advantage of the world’s first humanities software: the new Noet Research libraries.

Written by
Sherri Huleatt

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Written by Sherri Huleatt