More Than a ChMS: Why Your Church Needs an Integrated Ministry Platform

Working in church tech—can you relate?

I’ve been working in church tech since 2015, and I have a confession to make: It’s really easy to lose sight of the Church in my day-to-day work. I have to continually remind myself amid writing copy, thinking up campaign strategies, and sitting through planning meetings that I’m here to serve the Church. This isn’t just a marketing job. What we are doing is empowering churches everywhere to fulfill the Great Commission in the digital age better. Sure, we’re a business. But as a Christian, I recognize this is serious business.

If you work for a church, you can probably relate. You have day-to-day tasks that can start to feel like any other corporate job. You’ve got a website to maintain, maybe you have an app, you’re likely nurturing a community online, and you have finances to watch, sermon series to plan, and probably a bit of marketing to do. So, like me, you have ample opportunity to lose sight of what you’re doing every day. But that’s why I’m so excited about Faithlife’s vision for the future of church tech.

Church tech has come a long way, but something has been missing

Over the last few years, the church technology space has come a long way. We have beautiful website platforms, seamless church giving platforms, relationship management, online communities, email and workflows, apps with push notifications, geotargeting, and then some. We are seeing more and more tech companies offering full suites of tools for churches.

But something was still not quite right.

Who Would Notice If Your Church Disappeared?

Healthy churches know it’s not enough to invest in the trendiest technology. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if you have a slick website, app, or giving experience if you’re not meeting the deepest needs of the people in your community. In other words, church growth for the sake of growth is an empty endeavor if it doesn’t result in gospel-changed hearts and lives.

If all we’re after is packing a room, growing giving, and having smart workflows, we’ve missed the point. That’s not to say these things aren’t important—they certainly are—but they shouldn’t be center stage. These are the programs that should run in the background, assisting in the faithful preaching of the gospel and the ordinary work of the church.

And if they’re not, that’s a problem with which you should be concerned.

Putting the Bible back where it belongs: at the center

At Faithlife, we believe discipleship and stewardship go hand in hand.

That’s why we insist a robust church tech stack should include not only church management and engagement tools for the staff but also deep, rich discipleship tools for the entire congregation.

For the past few years, we’ve been busy building the first integrated ministry platform. It’s a platform designed around keeping first things first, and that’s why every single one of the solutions in our suite of tools is centered around Scripture.

Why Churches Are Abandoning Secular Apps. Faithlife. See why.

Here are a few simple examples of how we do that:

1. We build the best of tech combined with an eye for discipleship.

Our giving tool might look like another payment app from a distance, but it has resources built into it to help educate givers about generosity and biblical stewardship.

Our presentation software, Proclaim, might look like your average slide deck, but we’ve woven in an on-screen Bible that allows you to set your translation and automatically make beautiful slides with verses presented in context.

2. We provide robust Bible study for everyone in your congregation.

From kids’ TV shows to original documentaries to software for studying original languages (Logos for churches), we are building both the content and the infrastructure for Bible engagement, study, and a renewal of Biblical literacy.

3. We build smart admin tools that let you get back to ministry.

Every tool is integrated, and you only need one password to access it all. Never do the same task twice. Instead, let Faithlife do the work for you. Automatically record your sermons and publish them to your group, app, and website. Create a calendar event, and immediately add it to your newsletter, website, and more. Edit a person record, and the giver will automatically be updated to match. And the list goes on.

At every step of the way, we’re looking for ways to keep ministry front and center to church work. Stay tuned as we continue to unveil new features of our integrated ministry platform, which is now available as an all-in-one bundle called Faithlife Equip.

Want to see how it works? Schedule a personalized demo with our team to get an up-close look at how Faithlife’s integrated ministry platform is serving churches like yours.

Written by
Beka Johnson

Beka Johnson is the Director of Content Marketing at Faithlife. She has an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from Concordia University, Irvine. Beka loves helping churches think through their digital discipleship funnels. She has been a speaker and writer in the church tech space since 2015.

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Written by Beka Johnson