Meet the Winner of Faithlife’s Computer Science Scholarship

Faithlife awarded a $1,000.00 scholarship and Bronze base package to a computer science student through This year, that student is Evan Ott.

Evan Ott is a senior at University of Texas at Austin. He’s double majoring in honors computer science and honors physics. Evan has served as president of both the computer science club and the society of physics students, in addition to launching an on-campus physics honor society. He’s worked hard to pay his way through school without accruing any student debt. Somehow, he also found time to develop and teach a physics course—and write the textbook for it.

Evan said winning Faithlife’s CompSci Scholarship came by complete surprise as he was struggling to piece together funding for his final semester of college.

“While waiting to hear back about a potential on-campus job that would fill the gap, I was shocked to find that I’d been graciously awarded Faithlife’s CompSci Scholarship,” he said. “This really was the missing piece of my financial puzzle.”

Evan said he is equally excited about his new Logos Bronze base package.

“I lead a Bible study for physics students here at UT, and I’m sure I’ll be able to use it to help me in that regard, never mind how much it will help in my own studies,” he said.

As Evan nears his venture to a world beyond college, Faithlife is honored to help make that transition little easier.

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Breanna Cain
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Written by Breanna Cain