Meet Faithlife Giving’s New Features: One Can Noticeably Boost Giving

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Picture two scenarios: in one, you write out your goals for the year and read them every morning. In the other, you write out your goals, then stick them in a drawer never to be seen again until the year ends.

Which practice will get you closer to where you want to be? 

You wouldn’t ask givers to look at their church giving goals every morning, but you can easily take advantage of the same principle. Just take a minute to set up semiannual or quarterly church giving statements, new to Faithlife Giving

In the past, you could automatically send out annual giving statements and customize them with a special message. With that capability, you could save hours while reminding people of how their church contributions were making a difference.

But now you have even greater power to keep giving top of mind for regular giving and giving to support church capital campaigns. 

And the result could be more dramatic than you expect.

A former church staff member we talked to shared this insight from years of experience:

We always saw a bump in giving right after we sent our quarterly giving statements. People didn’t realize their automatic giving had expired, or they got a raise and never adjusted. Sending statements quarterly keeps people informed, keeps their giving and giving commitments in front of them. 

Quarterly statements are also really great if you’re running a church capital campaign so you can say “Hey, remember the pledge you made” without being pushy.

Want the benefit of quarterly giving statements—without the pain of sending them manually? Get started with Faithlife Giving.

When you do, you’ll also get the added ability to attribute gifts to families and businesses. 

  • An organization that gives will receive a church donation receipt for their gift so that they can write it off on their taxes. 
  • A family can log in, review their giving history, make gifts together, and receive a joint giving statement to file their joint taxes. (   for making tax time easier!)

This new Faithlife Giving feature rolls out at the beginning of next month. 

Go ahead, get started with the only church giving platform that nurtures healthy stewardship.

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