Introducing: Sermon Audio

We are beyond excited to bring you a brand new version of Proclaim. One that allows you to record, edit, and instantly share sermons and corresponding slides.
After connecting with pastors and churches using Proclaim, we realized that recording and publishing sermons is clunky and time-consuming. The process requires extra software, sometimes extra computers or equipment, and certainly extra hours. Someone has to start and stop the recording, save the file, edit the audio, and finally upload the sermon to the web. This can take hours. More often though, the pastor is preaching the next message by the time last week’s sermon is published.
Armed with this information, our team sat down to see if there was a better way.  After months of brainstorming, planning, and coding, here is what we came up with:

(Watch video on YouTube)
Thanks to all our users who responded and provided feedback! Your input was invaluable and helped shape this feature from the ground up.
If you already use Proclaim, simply update the app and start recording immediately. If you don’t, now is your chance! Next time your pastor preaches the house down, record it, share it—Proclaim it.
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Written by
Andre Kazadayev
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Written by Andre Kazadayev