How to Upload and Watch Sermons on Your Faithlife TV Church Channel

Did you know your Faithlife TV Church subscription includes access to Faithlife Sermons? (It’s a remarkable warehouse of material—full of sermon illustrations, media, outlines, and more. Even better, it’s your own personal sermon database.) When you upload a message to Faithlife Sermons, it will automatically upload to your church’s Faithlife TV channel. 

Your congregation can rewatch your sermon or catch up if they missed it. You can also upload discussion questions or study guides to go along with your sermon—perfect for small group study.

Faithlife Sermons will also post the message in your church group on, auto-update your Faithlife Site, and upload it to your church’s Faithlife TV channel. 

Here’s how you can upload your message from Faithlife Sermons. 

1. Click Upload Sermon


Note: You can upload multiple sermons at the same time using batch uploading.

Pro tip: You can also use Faithlife Proclaim to directly upload messages to Faithlife Sermons. Learn the steps here.  

2. Add sermon files

Add any files associated with your sermon, including audio, video, text, PDFs, etc. This is a great spot to drop in sermon notes, quotes, or even video clips. 

Faithlife Sermons will display your uploaded files. If you upload a text document, it will even add the text below as a sermon transcript.  

3. Add sermon metadata

You can include detailed metadata like the speaker, a cover image, the sermon series, Bible passages, topics, tags, and much more. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for visitors to find your sermons. 

Once you’ve added your information, click Save. Make sure the sermon is set to Published so people can start finding it!

4. Watch the message 

Navigate to and sign in with your username and password (the same credentials you use to sign in to Proclaim). Scroll down to find your group’s channel, or click Browse to find it there.


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