How to Tell the Greatest Story Ever Told: Free Book

This month’s free book opens with a quote from Rodney ‘Gipsy’ Smith, a man who won tens of thousands to Christ. 

There are five Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Christian—but most people never read the first four.

So how do we as Christians serve as the fifth Gospel?

The foundation is this: intimately knowing the story of the Scriptures.

Pastor Pete Hughes, who reaches unchurched and dechurched millennials in the heart of London, offers “a fresh retelling of the ancient story of God’s engagement with his creation” in All Things New: Joining God’s Story of Re-Creation

He says in the preface,

My hope is that people will see that the key questions and longings of today are similar to those raised by God’s people in their long journey through the narrative of Scripture. Furthermore, it is within this story that these questions find an answer and the longings find fulfilment. For as we follow the journey through Scripture, the longings lead us to Jesus, who leads us to the fullness of life we were made for. . . .

The story gives hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak. It’s the story the world is crying out to hear, and it’s been placed in your hands and mine. It’s time to tell the story, to shout it from the rooftops and to sing it on the streets. But to tell the story effectively we need to know the story intimately. 

If we want to partner with God in rewriting the stories of our communities, workplaces and cities, we as the church have to do better at indwelling our story and communicating it to the surrounding culture. We owe it to the world around us to tell the story of God on a mission to make all things new.”

Find out how to do that—download your free copy today.

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Written by Faithlife Staff