How to Set Up Text-to-Give for Your Church

You’re probably noticing, like the rest of the world, that people are hardly carrying cash or checks anymore. Most transactions are happening from our phones.

That’s why having text-to-give in your church is so important. (Though passing the plate is, too, for those who still use cash and as a visual reminder about giving.)

Not only are most people donating on their mobile devices these days, but having text-to-give and mobile giving makes it easier for people to give spontaneously throughout the week.

Here’s how to set it up at your church using Faithlife Giving. (Don’t have an account? Create one free.)

Set up Text-to-Give in only 5 steps

1. Sign in to

Go to and click Create a free account. Enter your name, email, and password. Click Register to complete the process.

2. Navigate to Giving Features in your Finance Team.

Expand Giving Configuration in the left-hand Admin navigation panel and select Giving Features.

3. Click Get a phone number.

Scroll down until you see the Text to Give section and click Get a phone number.

Faithlife will redirect you to your church’s Group Settings. Under Group Info, scroll down and select Get a phone number.

4. Select a phone number from the list of available options.

After you add your area code, a list of local numbers will display. Choose one from the list and click Get Number.

5. After you select a phone number, the Text to Give section of your account settings will display instructions for giving via text.

How it works for givers

You’ve done what you need to on your end; now it’s time to let your congregation know how to give.

Here’s a quick 1-2-3:

    1. Text the number with the word Give and the amount in USD you want to give. If you want to give to a specific fund, text Give [amount] to [fund name].
    2. The first time you give via text, you will receive a link to a payment information form.
    3. For subsequent gifts, Faithlife Giving will process your gift using the last payment method you used. In this case, you can cancel a gift by texting cancel gift to the same number within 30 minutes.

Don’t have Faithlife Giving?

Get started today with Faithlife Giving, included with subscriptions to Servant Keeper church management software.

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