How to Run In-Person & Live Stream Church Services Simultaneously

These days, many churches are finding themselves running in-person and live stream services at the same time. With the same singing and sermon, how does it still end up feeling like double the work?

It doesn’t have to. 

You can easily add an additional, customizable view for just your live stream and run engaging live stream and in-person services concurrently—from the same presentation and the same computer. 

It’s simple with Faithlife Proclaim church presentation software.

Here’s how!

1. Determine how you want your live stream and in-person presentations to look.

Think through how you want your sermon slides, Bible verses, lyrics, etc., to appear so that your live stream service invites viewers to become participants.

Here are a few options you can mix and match with Proclaim 3.1’s powerful multi-screen features

  • Lower-thirds slides.

During worship, engage your live stream audience with lower-thirds media. Proclaim’s Media Browser has tons of Smart Media formatted for lower thirds, enabling you to format your songs with one click. Lower thirds also works great for names and titles for your pastors or main sermon points.

  • Full-screen slides.

Videos, detailed announcements, maps, imagery, or Bible verses work great as full-screen slides. (Yes, even on your live stream.) With Proclaim, you can choose how each slide looks on the live stream, allowing you to select what works best for each piece of content.

  • PIP (picture-in-picture)

Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to stay on a full-screen slide for some time, and you might want your live stream audience to be able to see both the slide and your pastor. Or you might want live stream viewers to see the person making an announcement and the announcement slide. This is where PIP comes in handy. 

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For PIP, create full-screen slides and use your video switcher or software to bring in the live feed above the slide. (This free video training shows how to do that with Proclaim and OBS.)

Clickable Image: Easy Live Stream & Multi-Screen Setup, New in Proclaim

2. Set up your equipment.

  • If you have a presentation switcher:

You can send a lower-thirds graphic out of Proclaim with a transparent background. Combine that with your video feed in your switcher, and that’s it. Both your physical and online audiences have what they need.

  • If you don’t have a presentation switcher:

You can set a software encoder to switch views instead. Instructions vary based on which software encoder you use, but here’s an example of one way to do it: prepare two scenes, one with your on-screen camera and one with your Proclaim presentation. Then, set up quick commands or “hotkeys” to switch between them when you’re on air. 

3. Repeat next week.

Save yourself from having to start from scratch! Once you’ve set up your presentation for an engaging live stream and in-person service, make a copy of it to begin your next presentation.

You can serve those watching from home and those there in the service—without having so much to do that you can’t worship and hear the Word yourself. 

If you don’t yet have Faithlife Proclaim, try it free for 30 days. It’s easy to use and cloud-based, so you can collaborate with your team from anywhere.

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Clickable Image: Easy Live Stream & Multi-Screen Setup, New in Proclaim

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Written by Mary Jahnke