How to Enjoy a Meaningful Weekend with Your Spouse—without Leaving Home

How long has it been since you had an entire weekend to enjoy with your spouse?
Your marriage and your home should be sources of spiritual comfort and rejuvenation in your life—but sometimes busyness and stress can strip that away.

You’re tired, so you argue about things that don’t matter. You’re stressed, so you choose the comforts of home over the comforts of your spouse.
You know that’s not how it’s supposed to be, but the next day, the cycle starts all over. You know that’s not what God wants for you and your spouse, but you feel stuck.
What if you could take one weekend to re-calibrate your marriage, right from home?
That’s exactly what Matt and Lauren Chandler are giving you the chance to do next month. On February 19–20, they’re hosting a marriage conference based on Matt’s new marriage book, The Mingling of Souls.

Learn from the Song of Solomon

Over a decade ago, Matt first listened to Tommy Nelson teach through the Song of Songs (also known as the Song of Solomon). Ever since, he’s returned again and again to this book as he looks for God’s direction in his marriage.
You see, for Matt, marriage books were part of the problem. They made it seem like there was a formula for marriage: treat your spouse this way, get this result.
The Song of Solomon is different. It’s a story of how mutual attraction and admiration can lead to a powerful companionship. How a careful, considerate approach to dating and courtship prepares us for the unfettered passion of marriage. It’s a picture of God’s design for your marriage.
That’s what Matt wants to share with you—without making you feel guilty about the marriage you have.
“One of my fears in writing this book is that by pointing out the wisdom in the Song of Songs, many of us who are guilty of foolishness might feel condemned and lose heart,” Matt says. “But I want to end each chapter of our journey through the Song by looking at how the gospel’s call to confession and repentance enters our mess and removes the weight of guilt and shame by pointing us to Jesus.”
You don’t look at an ideal marriage to dwell on your own shortcomings. This is about recognizing the divine purpose of marriage and encouraging each other to pursue that purpose.

Apply Scripture to your marriage

Matt and Lauren are real people, and they’re vulnerable enough to admit that they’ve made plenty of mistakes in marriage, too.
As they walk you through what Scripture says about marriage, Matt and Lauren will show you how it has played out in their own relationship—mistakes and all—in a transparent conversation about God’s design for love, marriage, sex, and redemption.

Join the conversation from your home on your schedule

You don’t have to fly to the conference to hear what Matt and Lauren have to say. You and your spouse can stream the conference from the comfort of your living room. Get your ticket here for just $19.99.
The Mingling of Souls Marriage Conference is happening on February 19–20, but by choosing to stream instead of fly, you get to access the conference on demand for 30 days. You can choose your own conference schedule and work around everything else going on in your life.
Whether you watch it live or save it for later, The Mingling of Souls Marriage Conference is the perfect way to follow up whatever you’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day.
Get your ticket now.

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Follow The Mingling of Souls Marriage Conference on Faithlife to get free access to The Mingling of Souls ebook until February 15. It’s the ideal way to prepare for the conference with your spouse.

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Written by Ryan Nelson